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130+ *not so boring* GIFT IDEAS 2022 | my Cute & Trendy wishlist!

I’M going to cry, i don’t have a full recount! Oh man, please santa! Please give me one y’all. What was so bad send help . What’S good y’all in today’s video i’m going to be providing you guys with over 130 cute but trendy christmas gift that he is plus my wish list and everything i want desperately in my life right now, specifically in my closet, anyways, if you are a teen or A youngin just like me, teengenzy and you’re, struggling with finding the perfect gift for a friend or a family member.

This is the video for you now, if you’re a parent, i got your back now without further ado. Let’S get this party started: nd gentlemen, first things. First, i put together a total of 10 different categories for you guys to look through so starting with clothes, the fuzzy collar and cuffs jackets and sweaters super groovy super cute. They are not only perfect for the cold weather, but they are perfect for instagram pictures. Next are puffer jackets, specifically the black north, face ones and again, trendy and perfect for the cold weather, the baggy boyfriend jeans tights with those really cute and groovy patterns, or the basic color ones.

Socks dude like socks for sure the frilly socks, the fuzzy socks, nike socks and absolutely the printed socks. Felice jackets they’ve been around for decades, graphic tops and graphic hoodies onesies. Of course they are super fun, sweater, blankets, workout clothes, corsets. Also super trendy, leather, pants. Again, trendy stylish leather, blazers, embroidered crew neck, yes, ma’am, bikinis and swimsuits, now that it’s the winter season stores should have deals going on with summer outfits.

Sweat sets specifically the nike sets sweaters, especially the really artsy and super edgy sweaters that i see all the time. Next shoes, like girl, i got you on this one so for sure did my voice just crack. Did i reverse in puberty anyways, so the first pair of shoes i am obsessed with, are chunky platform shoes such as demonias those platform, docks platform, vans and just platform. Everything else – and you can find so many shoes like this all over amazon next – is the good old sneakers such as the white air force ones. You can also get them customized as well: new balances, nike, cortez and converse crocs.

I don’t care what you say about them. Let those people talk if they think it’s ugly. Let them think it’s ugly okay, they will never never know the fun and enjoyable aspects of owning crocs forget the haters. Okay, forget them get yourself, some cracks, funky heels, cute and comfy. House slippers is a must workout shoes that are actually comfortable next is ugg boots they’ve been out for a while.

They are also here to stay. Lately. I’Ve been keeping my eyes on the ugg sandals, because those are actually kind of cute. Moving on to accessories tote bags, i own some very useful: the vivian westwood jewelry, the really cute skincare headbands blue light glasses, the cowgirl hats, a pack of patches that you can easily iron on your shirts, the cute and collectible keychains that you can put on your Purse your backpack rings, i love rings the clay ones, beaded or stoned. Those are super trendy, baseball caps, any cute funky and trendy hats such as this bucket hat right here, shoulder bags or baggage claw clips, absolutely groovy sunglasses, pearl, necklaces, everybody’s wearing them.

I’M telling you everybody’s wearing it look at me, i’m wearing them right now, a jewelry organizer, that’s a good one. Moving on to beauty makeup products run beauty that just came out not too long ago. That’S the perfect gift. Skincare products, a mini, fridge, rose, quartz and jade face rollers. I see everyone with this.

I am super sad that i don’t have it yet like. Why don’t i have it? It should be in my bathroom like right now, a gaucho gaucho gucci, gouache, gouache bamboo toothbrushes bath boards, freck something that i really want to get lip oils pimple patches, lush products, bath and body works, products face and body scrubs face, masks, hair masks, and yes, that Is a thing acne products and i’ve heard of curology definitely want to try that out soon eye gels, lash, serum scalp, massager, wax machine makeup bags, nail polish or press-on nails, perfumes and body spray and, of course, bath bombs or bath oils or bath salt or bath Bubbles moving on to decor first is a throat blanket.

It’S a really chunky, blankets, those look super fun and comfortable, and i look you want to own one: throw pillows like the flower pillows, the adorable plushies diffusers neon signs mirrors one of those heart mirrors. You can find on amazon they’re, also very trendy.

What’S also trendy are those lamps, specifically the mushroom lamps, the salt lamps, the sunset lamps that i super duper want and the cute little night lights plants real or fake, the cute and funky flower pots. Those super aesthetically pleasing posters candles, especially the bubble candles. The shell candles and the super duper funky shaped candles. The groovy rugs new bedding pastel crates, a clothing rack, something i’ve always wanted. Skylight projector that i have on right now.

Look at that baby. She looking cute. Okay, girl, okay stars: i see you led lights that i also got digital wall clocks and a wall collage. Moving on to tech baby, i got a full list here. Oh my goodness, it’s a lot like that.

Oh, my gosh send help so first polaroid camera, i’m gon na cry. I don’t have a polaroid camera, that’s not a polaroid camera. It’S called instax. There is a difference. Speaking of the instax camera that one’s on my list, two vintage film cameras, a mini, photo printer, vlog cameras, final cut pro.

It’S a good editing. Software for youtubers tile trackers are an amazing gift. My sister introduced this to me a while back towel. Trackers will help you find your last items: phone cases, phone charms, airpod cases, those really cute anesthetic keyboards. I want them so bad.

A projector apple products such as the new iphone 13, a macbook ipad apple watch, airpods laptop stands. Ring lights have one right here: perfect for content creators tripods also good for content creators; those really small, cable charger bikes that you can find at walmart speakers, alexa, cute and useful car essentials. The og nintendo switch or the nintendo switch lights record players, plus their favorite vinyls and a portable charger. Definitely ouch. I hit my finger on my phone.

We are so close to the end. You guys, let’s finish next category. That is one of my favorites, and that is food and beverage. First is a matcha kit. Boba kit was amazing.

Those really cute mini waffle makers that i see at target cute mugs, reusable straws. You know what i mean: saving the turtles, metal, straws, bamboo straws, the silicone straws recipe books, the mr coffee, frappe, iced and hot coffee maker with blender. I want this really freaking bad ethan. Get me a mr coffee, frappe iced and a hot coffee maker with a blender. Please santa!

Please give me one. Oh my gosh. I want one so freaking bad that yeah, that’s a really cool product, um y’all, almost so bad, a pack of favorite snacks and a customized starbucks cup, which i also want all right. We’Re almost done we’re almost done. Let’S get through this.

Let’S finish now, moving on to stationery journaling kits markers, crayons, coloring, pencils, highlighters five-minute, journals that i’ve been hearing about self-help books and along with self-help books, is a bible plus devotionals mouse, pads calendars and planners stickers. You can never get too old for stickers and coloring books. You can never get too old for coloring books. I still love them. I don’t care what you say next for fitness time: tracker, water bottles, yoga, mats, any exercise equipment such as resistant bands, weights and a protein powder.

My favorite is cookie dough. You all should try cookie dough protein powder and now we’re on the final list. You guys – and that is my honorable mentions a self-defense kit, poopoo, a taser pepper spray, uh and a bat, the sunny angel babies. Now i found these little critters out through another youtuber. Her name is a a de la la those are super adorable super cute, very random.

I wouldn’t mind having those in my room gift cards, money for anything really such as spas, a nail appointment, hair appointment, massage treatments, an instrument such as a guitar ukulele cello roller skates loki want to get my soul, something and last but not least, a skateboard cruiser Skateboard longboard, alright, so that is it folks. Over 130 trendy and super cute super fabulous christmas gift ideas.

I hope it was really helpful but yeah, like you already know, the drill share this video share it with your mama share, with your daddy share with some friends share it with your sugar, daddy comment, your favorite gift, or what you want for christmas, like this video And most importantly, subscribe. I hope you all have a great day, and i will see you on my next one. Boop bow and see y’all bro be signing off.

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