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Best Tech/EDC Gifts Under $50 for Father’s Day! – Gift Guide 2022

Moving to the opposite pocket, i generally have a tool clipped in here and lately it’s reserved for this cutie, the cevivi, kiv or kyv blade yeah. This snack size, mars bar, is an actual blade, any damn fun one to flip open as well. For comparison, it’s about the size of my pinky finger when folded up and just as girthy 2.. I’M a huge fan of the flat slope designs on the g10 scales, as it gives off a sleek, futuristic vibe, while giving you something to actually grip onto and then there’s the textured pointy flipper at the end.

So you can do this yeah. It is as fun as it looks. The blade itself is one and a half inches long, not the largest, but more than enough to handle all your amazon packages. Sure ergonomically, it’s not the best, but the fact that people will say. Oh, when you whip this out is worth it alone.

Instead of scaring everyone around you. Otherwise, now it is a slip, joint non-locking blade, so extra care is required, but it does stay in place when you need it to and let’s be real, its small size is perfect, as i’m sure many of you are experts by now with handling tiny tools. The victorinox swiss card light not only one of my favorite multi-tools, dare i say this is the best urban multi-tool you can carry with you mainly thanks to how slim it is all while packing a mini knife. That’S good enough to open boxes, typical office life stuff, a usable pair of scissors for loose threads or cutting up photos of your ex an actual flashlight built in, albeit tiny and practically useless, but for tiny cracks. This does wonders a not so ergonomic screwdriver offering four head sizes, but it does do the job for those damn battery doors on your kids, toys or your toys.

No judgment here, magnifying glass which is nice to have, but i wouldn’t shed a tear. If it wasn’t there, then in classic victorinox fashion tweezers for those peeking those hairs, a tiny needle to annoy your co-worker and an actual pen, that’s no fisher space, but will do in a jiffy all that, combined into this a credit card size tool, that’s even got A ruler because why the heck not and that’s today’s theme, i showcase a wallet paired with a credit card sized piece of edc gear, so, let’s move on for all the coffee addicts out there.

So, like 97 of you, this is for you, because you know treat yourself from the partner of this video commentary and they’re well, believe it or not, barista level flash frozen coffee, basically that scrumptious six dollar coffee you buy every morning around the corner, now instantly accessible Right in your freezer – and i get it you’re skeptical, because anything that goes in the freezer gets a bad rap, but they’ve partnered with some of the best regional specialty, coffee, roasters, brew, the coffee to perfection.

For you then flash freeze it, locking in all that amazing flavor and aroma, so you can enjoy it whenever wherever all you got ta do is add water, it’s literally impossible to make a bad cup of joe i’ve been chugging. These, i i mean testing these for the last few weeks, and not only is it a time saver, these are some of the very few black coffees.

I’Ve never complained about tasting too bitter or sour seriously. I just heat up the kettle peel one back pop it in and well bam. Anyone that requires coffee to properly wake up can relate to the struggle of waiting for every drip while half awake every morning. Now you get the convenience of instant coffee, but like the quality of a fresh cup from your favorite coffee shop. The best part, though you’re not only limited to a hot cup, pick your flavor of choice, toss it in some hot water for a minute.

Until it’s all melted inside pop in some ice pour water or milk in and alakazam, yes, i 100 felt like a real barista for a second uh. Until i did this, i’ve never made my own iced coffee before so bottoms up wow. That is smooth cheers better. Yet, when you’re done since there aren’t any coffee grinds left over, this is the world’s first 100 curbside recyclable, aluminum capsules come on. Who knew you could feel so good about drinking coffee.

So, for a limited time, save 20 off your first purchase and you can give the gift of amazing coffee right in their freezer when, when the cable card, this fairly thick credit card, size, cable system that may replace any cable, you carry on the go made of Plastic all around everything is compact, though, with no loose parts flip-flopping around, but inside this simple looking package stores every plug and adapter for all your file, transfer, charging and mobile needs, which are all based around this main usb c to usb c, cable wrapped on the Inside with the included, lightning micro, usb and usb-a adapters, this cable can become any cable. You need it to be without the hassle of extra wires, not only that plunking one end into the unit itself and the other into a power source.

It powers a built-in led light, which is well neat, but even more impressive. The whole thing optimus prime, transforms into a wireless charging stand yeah even with this dbrand grip case on with their updated super satisfying, clicky buttons. They can charge right through the case.

While you binge some babish or better yet, while traveling, you can always have a bedside wireless charger handy when you’re done everything folds into a specific spot inside the cable card, with every tool ready to go on the go hiding in one of the side: expansion mesh Pockets is my matador pocket blanket, probably my all-time favorite piece of non-tech that i’ve shown off so many times, because it’s packed up like this, but transforms into this large enough for one medium-sized asian man or twins sitting side by side who potentially hate each other’s guts.

Now the whole blanket isn’t padded, nor will it feel like sitting on a cloud or anything, but it’s waterproof, making it easy to clean off any dirt or liquids, which is the exact reason. I love it because none of that grimy stuff gets on my own body. The whole blanket is pretty lightweight, though, so they do include metal stakes that keep it grounded in sand or grass, but the best part is. It also doubles as a portable poncho, not that other ponchos aren’t portable, which alone is worth it.

So you don’t have to deal with carrying an umbrella around. However, when you’re done acting like a fool, though these stitch lines are actually a built-in tutorial on how to fold it back neatly, so it packs back into this literally fitting into the palm of your hand. Moving along the next one is my favorite piece of edc the slice edc folding knife. This tiny cutie is exactly what i’ve wanted for a pocket blade. First off it uses a ceramic blade while not as sharp as a metal one it’s much much safer, while it’s still possible to do some damage to yourself.

It’S highly unlikely, unless you’re really trying to but as a tool. It does exactly what i needed to do. Cut boxes, and it does it really well too. I’Ve also learned that the beauty of ceramic is that it doesn’t dull as easily either now i’ve got the curved point blade on this, making it doubly safe, but slice does offer a pointed version for some more serious cutting. I will say the rounded point: struggles with more flexible and dense material, such as rope, although with enough willpower, anything is possible.

But if you’re like me and only carry a blade for the 37 packages you receive on the daily, it does the job perfectly. For cardboard and tape, on top of that, the tiny size is a huge bonus for me as it doesn’t weigh down my pockets and although a cute little fellow, the metallic and weighted body in the hand, makes it feel like an actual industrial tool.

While the smooth edges means it’s also not going to dig into you either you sort of just don’t want to let it go add. On top of that, how addicting this is that final click is worth it alone, but as a edc box cutter. This is the cutest, safest and most fidgety blade that i think i’m addicted to now this one i can easily crown as the best tech accessory or anything really organizer.

The side-by-side pouch looks like your standard pill-shaped storage case, but it’s got this thick yet stretchy material. As a secret weapon, whether it be your macbook accessories, nintendo switch controllers or camera lens filters, this flexible pocket design can gobble up whatever you throw at it. Yeah, even a full-size round and obscure, shaped mouse, no problem the pocket just swallows it and becomes one with it.

Leaving plenty of space for other gear too, as the whole pocket expands and conforms to the shape of every item inside combine that with the large trusty zipper your gear ain’t going anywhere. However, the feast doesn’t end there open up the other side and wha bam.

You ain’t never seen organization like this before a slot pocket and zipper for every piece of gear, essentials, chargers, controllers and more stretchy goodness to fit all the weird and exotic cables you own and when all packed away. I wouldn’t blame you if you thought that you over packed, but don’t worry it all comfortably crams inside with nothing sliding around and plenty of padding to ensure nothing is damaged either plus, since each item has its own slot jumping into any pocket means, you know exactly Where each accessory is as the full zipper design allows for complete access, while the quick access pocket keeps your gear from overflowing, but offers just enough to sneak something in and out before, anyone notices, the best part, is the pouch only gets as big as the gear.

You carry inside it, so there’s no wasted space and in theory, you might finally not have to stress about whether you packed enough charges for any mobile gamers out there, specifically shooters like pubg and cod mobile. This is the best game trigger i’ve ever tested. The fly dg shadow stinger with a durable build that can handle any rage, quitting rubber, padding throughout the interior to keep your phone scratch free and this the single trigger around back.

That’S actually molded ergonomically to each dedicated side, and it’s actually pretty surprising what a difference it makes in comfort so setting it up. The first benefit is their adjustable clamp on top, as it won’t push up against any screen protectors. You already have installed once clipped in place.

You use and hold your phone as you normally would, except now you have two additional fingers in play and for anyone who plays these games we’ll understand how crucial that is for reaction times, but it doesn’t even end there. The second benefit is that they’re modular, as you can add, on their additional shoulder buttons using the same clamping system they plug directly into the original triggers and even offer a beefier grip to hold on to.

But, more importantly, that’s an additional two fingers in play with six buttons instantly accessible at any time. I call it a competitive advantage, while others may borderline call it cheating, but that’s just because they don’t have one themselves. Lastly, if managing six fingers at once is too much for your brain, you can remove as you please allowing you to build your own ultimate setup.

The triggers are very light with a full charge that lasts hours on end, making them a no-brainer to have it in your bag at all times, as i’ve never worried about them. Braking on me either they also become an addictive fidget clicker that may or may not annoy everyone around you now sharing that large space is this, my personal cutlery from outlury, yes, restaurants, will generally provide them, but i’ve forgotten a fork and spoon getting takeout one too.

Many times hence having this set with me, would save me from having to hunt one down after the fact made of stainless steel. Not only will these feel like an actual set of silverware, it also makes them really easy to clean. A little setup is involved, but it won’t require ikea instructions to do and when fully assembled at about 8 inches long, you can do some serious damage to that kung pao chicken, speaking of which my favorite set, definitely goes to the chopstick attachments, as my girlfriend would Say the ultimate utensil and yeah with the added grip on the tip.

They almost work a little too well, thanks to its simple design, though, everything is easily cleaned with some water and a napkin then packs away neatly inside the silicone shell. So it doesn’t sound like you’re playing the tambourine every time you take a step now, if you want to go full accessorize, though you can get the silicone case to protect your other case, because at this point you shouldn’t expect anything less on this channel, like an Actual water bottle: yes, the memo bottle in the a7 size.

Look, no one should ever question whether they need a tiny bottle in their life. They just do made of a bpa-free, triton plastic. It’S quite sturdy, holding the rectangular shape of the whole bottle. It’S meant to represent the shape of an actual a7 notebook. I am thankful they gave it flat edges as well, so it can stand on its own and i’ve got their aluminum matte black lid sold separately, of course, but it does include a plastic black and white lid in the box.

There’S not much else to say other than let’s fill this bad boy up, since it only holds about six ounces, which is about 180 milliliters for the rest of the world. This apple juice box at 200 ml is the closest i could find and it did use up just about most of the carton minus the spillage.

So it is as small as advertised when compared to a regular 500 ml water bottle. It definitely wins in size and it’s much fancier to look at minus the child’s drinking side and the best part it fits inside my front pocket fairly comfortable too, where it doesn’t bulge out and get mistaken for something else. Of course, 180 milliliters isn’t a large amount.

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