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50+ Gift Ideas (that people actually want!) | JENerationDIY

What up hooligans it’s jennifer and welcome back to osos, which is 2020 backwards? I was gon na, say i’m sad to say, but i’m actually very happy to say that osos is almost over today. I am bringing you guys some gift ideas before we get started with the video, though i am doing a bunch of giveaways on my instagram all throughout december, and i might be giving away some airpod pros. Actually, i definitely am giving away some airpod pros so make sure to follow me on instagram generation diy. Why does my hair look stupid?

No, we need some self-love okay. I split this video up into a couple different categories. The first category are diys. Most of these are diys that i’ve done on my channel before, so i want to compile them into this video i’ll leave, links down below to all of the video tutorials and also the links to all of the products that i’m about to go through. I also forgot to mention i do have a whole video dedicated to diy aesthetic gift ideas that i uploaded last week, i’ll link that down below, as well as all of my diy gift ideas.

Videos go check it. Let’S do it. The first idea is, of course, diy scrunchies or scrunchies that you can buy. These are super easy to make. As long as you have fabric at home, you can use an old t-shirt and if you have hair ties, these are so simple and quick to make either with the glue gun or sewing machine or needle and thread.

The second thing is something embroidered: you can thrift something or you can embroider a shirt that you buy a hoodie or a bucket hat. This is one that i have embroidered. I just think it’s really cute. You can also get them an embroidery kit if they’re more into the diy side, they’re super affordable on amazon or you can get one of those that are just like a hoop and the specific embroidery threads that you need for a certain design. I think those are really cool.

You can also embroider a patch. I also have a diy tutorial on this and you just need some needle and some fabric and a lot of time. The next idea is a bucket hat. I just made this out of scrap denim, but you can use like whatever fabric that you have. I just think bucket hats are so cute.

I hope they never go out of trend because they are so useful for hiding gross hair all right. The next thing is a spotify plaque. I absolutely love the one that i have in my room right now. It’S a dual lip one. I have like a candle in front of mine right now, so it looks like a shrine which is pretty accurate.

So for my friend’s birthday a couple months ago, i actually made a spotify playlist of songs that we love to listen together or have like memories attached to together. I actually used the barcode for that playlist on the plaque so that she could scan it and then open up the playlist, and then i just added like a picture of us as the album artwork. The next one is a macrame plant hanger with the actual plant. These are actually really really easy to make and really quick to make. You just need some rope.

You basically like braid it in a way and then just get like a cute little plant and plant both what the frick plant with the friggin plant holder pot plant pot. You could also make them a custom, hoodie or crew neck or shirt with letters. I sewed on the letters of my latest song falling to your knees. I saw this on tik tok, where this girl sewed on the letters loser and it actually turned out really cute. The next idea is to make stickers, they’re actually so easy to make, and you probably already have all the materials at home.

You could give them that or you could decorate something with the stickers. I decorated this really cute water bottle with a bunch of butterflies that i made this like reminds me to drink water. You could also make them a friendship bracelet. I used to make these so often as a a we taught you can make matching ones for you and your friends. You can paint them a mirror.

I painted my mirror with a bunch of clouds. You could just get them one of those like small makeup mirrors and paint them, and i just used acrylic paint. So if they really didn’t like it, they could just like wash it off. You could also paint them a canvas. My friend kaitlyn always paints me canvases and i love them.

I just love getting diy gifts because it’s like so much more thoughtful and like heartfelt okay, the next one is a custom, laptop or phone case. I made this really cool laptop case that i still have on my laptop to this day. Just has a bunch of pictures that i like that i turned into like little polaroid looking things but they’re all just like printed on paper. I just think this is really cute like kind of scrapbooky, but it’s a decorative moment. You know, but another idea is making a scrapbook.

I think those are so fun. They do take a lot of effort, but i think for me such a fun idea. Those are the diy ideas moving on to the next category, which is food related products. So for food things you probably don’t want to be mailing. These probably just give them to people who are like locally in your area.

So the first idea is chocolate covered strawberries. You can make these really easily just get a bunch of strawberries, get a bunch of like chocolate, melt it in the microwave venom, dip them in and decorate them all they’re. So so so good, you could also make like chocolate covered oreo balls. Those are also really easy to make okay, the next idea, i love – and i want someone to actually i was gon na say i want someone to give it to me, but i already have one but a diy bubble, tea making kit. I know you spend a lot of money on bubble tea.

It really can rack up because, like nowadays, you can pay up to like seven dollars for a drink, which i think is insane there’s a bunch online i’ll link some down below. Of course. Next is a cheese board like the actual cutting board or like a pre-made cheese board. I think that would be really fun. I know my friend really loves cheese.

Maybe i should get her cheese board for christmas. I’M gon na put that on my list. Okay, next are macarons macaroons. You could probably look at some local bakeries if they have like cute custom ones that you can do. I also really love the ones from costco that are like twenty dollars for like 40 or something crazy, okay.

The next one are these hot chocolate bombs that i’ve been seeing all over pinterest. You can definitely make these, but you can also search up if there’s any places locally that make these you just get one of those molds and like pour the chocolate in and then put some mini marshmallows and hot chocolate mix in put them together. And then, when you pour hot milk over it it like explodes, i really want to make them, but i also want someone to give them to me. So if any of my friends are watching, please give me hot chocolate. Balm next up is a nutribullet.

I actually don’t have one, but i’ve seen literally every youtuber use one in their morning routines to make like smoothies and smoothie bowls. The next one is a waffle maker kind of random. I think it’s a cool gift. If people really like waffles, okay, the next one i came across randomly online but a harry potter, cauldron mug. I just think it’s really cool for like harry potter lovers, okay, the next one is a hellofresh gift card.

If you don’t know what hello fresh, not sponsored, if you don’t know what it is it’s this subscription, where they will deliver groceries to your door, but they’re like pre-packaged into different meals, and they have like a meal card with recipes and stuff, because i know also Right now we’re all kind of scared to go to the grocery store, so i feel like this would be a really suitable gift for this time that we’re in okay. The next category is self-care beauty, things that you put on your body kind of face, masks like the the skin care type, either like the sheet masks which are really affordable, or these are some that i really like blue beauty, glacial ocean clay. One comes in this really cool packaging and it’s local to canada, which i think is really cool, and then i really like this florence by mills, one it’s a peel-off mask and it doesn’t hurt at all when you peel it off. I also like these ones from summer fridays, by the way i’m gon na be giving these away these next things i literally swear by. They are under eye patches and i love the ones from florence by mills, but these ones are my favorites.

They are the green tea eye gel patches. I got them off of amazon and i don’t know if they actually work, but they just feel so good under my under eyes and like whenever. I’M tired, i’ll just put them there and i feel a lot better. I feel like it might be a placebo effect, but whatever next up is body butter and i have two recommendations from small businesses, one is from gentle on instagram, the other one i recommend is from imo natural, i ordered from them, and they are amazing and really Affordable next is nail polish. I always love receiving nail polish, maybe it’s a personal thing, but i have my nails painted and i feel like it’s a really fun like quarantine activity right now, especially if you can’t go to like the nail salon, also press on nails.

Here’S a small business for press-on nails that i just found next is perfume. I feel like this is such a luxurious gift and lasts a super long time? Okay, the next one, i think, is so cool but they’re like temporary tattoos, that you can customize and i specifically recommend the ones from inkbox, because those are the ones that i’ve gotten ads for on instagram next are blue light glasses. These are mine, they’re, actually prescription glasses, but i have blue light lenses on them. Next is a makeup mirror, specifically ones with like the light on the on the perimeter?

Next up we got stationary, there’s someone in your life who really likes planning or wants to get into planning. I would recommend you get them a bullet journal. My recommendation is to check out. Is that a freaking spot? There’S a freaking there’s a spider, i’m fine!

I would highly recommend these ones from my friend amanda amanda, rachel shop, amanda rachly. I have like five of these or something it’s kind of crazy. I literally use this one every single day. This is her doodle planner i just like, will color in every month and it’s so useful for planning all my days and videos and all that kind of stuff, but she also has dotted journals. I also will be giving one of these away on my instagram so make sure to check out generation diy on instagram, along with that, you could get them like a whole bullet journal or, like stationary starter kit, i would recommend the mildliner highlighter pens, they’re double-sided, one Side is like a highlighter fatter side and then one side is the skinnier side and then also washi tape.

Again, i’m gon na recommend ones from my friend amanda shop, amanda h lee next up. We have like home gear decor all the kind of stuff, a cordless vacuum, specifically the one from dyson, because all my friends are raving about it. That’S when you know you you’re becoming an adult when you are obsessed with a vacuum. Next up is a neon sign. You can get custom ones.

Next up is colored lamp light things, so i have led strips, of course, every good tick tocker has these nowadays. I also have this color-changing lamp on my desk here and also in my la apartment. I love this so much. You can just like spin it and it’ll change. Colors.

Oh, and would you look at that star, projector, iconic, tick, tock item on that note, a projector in general like just to put movies up on a blank wall or when it’s summertime, you can put up a blanket in the backyard and project movies onto there. I think it’s super cute next up is a throw blanket. I have this fuzzy one on my bed that my friend gave me a couple years ago and i literally use it every single day. Next are candles i feel like these are great. If you’re someone who likes smelling good things, but also specifically, i really like these ones from my friend drew lone fox’s shop.

He has this cool hand, ones this, like rock and roll one, and also a middle finger one. I think. Okay, the next category is clothing. Related stuff, you could get them something from reformation, which is a sustainable clothing brand, i’m not sure if they have gift cards, but that would be really great. You could also get someone something crochet like custom, crochet, there’s a bunch of small businesses that do this.

The one i recommend that i’ve bought from is made with seoul. She is a bunch of really cute items. Let me let me go grab one. I wore this tank top a lot in the summer. I think it’s so cute.

The next thing is in a completely different vein, we’re feeding into big corporations and capitalism, but air force ones. I feel like these are a classic shoe. I ordered them a while ago so i’ll, let you know how it goes, but i ordered them in a kid’s size like an older kids size they’re, significantly cheaper than the adult ones. So if you know someone who has small feet, you can get them air force ones in a at a reduced price in the kids size. Okay, the next thing is a blanket hoodie.

I feel, like we’ve all seen these ads on instagram or on youtube, or something like that. The next thing is a sewing machine which can be quite expensive, but the one that i have in la is like maybe under a hundred dollars, you can get ones that are also second hand. The next category is tech. I don’t know if you guys have heard of this, but it’s really cool. It’S called a tile tracker.

You can attach it to certain things to track them. It’S like find my iphone but find whatever you have the tracker on your backpack, your clothes, your child. I don’t know like literally anything you want. Next is a bluetooth speaker like a smart speaker, a google home alexa, and then we have the whole array of apple products. Apple watch, airpods by the way, i’m giving away on instagram check it out.

Also the new iphone. I have this ipad pro with the apple pencil and for anyone who is into like graphic design or drawing or like anyone trying to start some sort of like art related business. I feel like a tablet with a stylus is so crucial. You can get them a biodegradable phone case case defy. Has these biodegradable ones made of bamboo?

Next? Is a phone gimbal? I don’t know if you’ve seen these on tick tock before, but they basically like make all your phone movements really stable if you’re shooting video next is a selfie light for your phone, but also you can use them for your laptop. So this is one that i have. I got it off of amazon, it’s so useful for when you’re in zoom calls – and you don’t have good lighting – you just like put this on your laptop next – is an instax, instax or instax printer.

Obviously, everyone knows polaroid cameras exist, but i feel like these printers are really cool, because you can connect it to your phone and you can print whatever you want. Okay, the next category is just like cool things that i didn’t know how to put into other categories. This one, i really love it’s a donation in the name of someone else, so i’ve had people actually gift me. A donation to the world wildlife fund and they’ll. Send me this really cute stuffed animal next is a skateboard or long board or penny board.

I have this really cool longboard from ghost longboards, it’s clear and it also lights up when you skate next is a record player. I have this one that i got off of amazon. It was actually really affordable. I think it was like 50 or something it’s from one by one you can get them a record. This is the one that i have dua lipa my queen [ Music ], and i also found out that you can make custom records.

You can customize it with a bunch of their favorite songs in a playlist. Those are all of my gift ideas. Hopefully it helped you out a little bit. I mean. How could we forget, after me, plugging it like 10 times in this video, to follow me on instagram at generation diy to participate in the giveaways that are going on?

I just really really want to. Let you guys know that i appreciate you so much just this is like one of the ways that i want to give back to you guys. I also am planning on doing a shopping small businesses, video in the future. I think it’s so important to shop from small businesses, especially this year, because i know a lot of people are struggling right now and there’s so many great options from small businesses that you just simply cannot get from these large corporations. Shout out of the week is right here and i hope you guys have an amazing holiday season stay safe, please.

I will see you guys next time, [ Music, ] falling to bye knees.

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