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The Foods of the Future

Let’s imagine the food of the future. Did you know that scientists are working to help make the foods you already eat do amazing things for your health? This looks and taste like the same old broccoli you have always loved, but scientists are finding ways to make this broccoli love you back. Broccoli naturally contains glucoraphanin which scientists are studying it make reduce cholesterol, cancer risk and help to keep your heart healthy. Super broccoli was naturally bred to pack in more glucoraphanin two to three times more per serving.

Don’t like broccoli? How about tomatoes? Researchers have found a way to take in important anti-oxidants and anthocyanins genes from berries and put them into these purple tomatoes. And lastly, normal grains and are being transformed to pack in more of the goodness that we need to become supercharged grains.

The Foods of the Future

We consume a lot of grains and so do our animals.

Using optimised grains produces far less waste and the harvest contains more of the nutritional stuff. The food of the future could bring us more health-promoting compounds in every bite – all thanks to science… and plants..

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