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100+ birthday gift ideas *affordable* | teen gift guide 2022

It’S officially 2022., whether you need ideas for your friends or ideas. Just for your own wish list. I have a list of over 800 cute trendy pinterest inspired ideas for you guys. So, let’s just get on into this video.

I know you know. I know i know i do not like watching these videos when they’re over like 30 minutes and people go through them. So slowly so i’m going to try to speed it up and go as fast as i possibly can and show you guys everything in a short matter of time. So you guys can watch this video, get it done, go outside, buy the present and make your friends happy or make your family happy. In my list i have nine different categories.

So, to start from the very very first one which is clothing, you could ask for a leather jacket, mom jeans or like baggy jeans, just loose jeans in general: cute crew, necks, oh crew, necks are literally everything to me and just plain ones or graphic ones: cute Swimsuits acne scarves are literally everything. I just got one from azar, which is like a dude though nice and fuzzy. You could ask for a jew house sweater, because justin bieber duh a long coat just one of those ones that go all the way down to your ankles that are so fuzzy or even not fuzzy they’re, so cute they’re, so comfortable. I just got myself one and i’m literally obsessed with it, and i’ve never wanted something more. In my life yoga pants leggings, even like workout brands like soda, active bt, apparel and skins.

Anything from skins is everything more. Their body suits are so cute their pajamas. Their sets the fuzzy white sets so cute baby tees from brownie melville urban outfitters. Now, let’s get to shoes, uggs are back in style now. The mini ones are all too many ones.

Also the slippers they have. They also have nike. Dunks are everything and more. They have so many different colors, whatever color your friend likes the most or you like the most. Those are the ones jordan ones.

I feel like any girl right now. Would love hair, jordan ones, doc martens either the jaden one, the low ones or just the regular ones, knee high boots, tight ones and loose ones as well? High top converse high lugged converses, the balance 550s are so adorable, the green ones and the white ones. Are everything more air, maxes air force ones, fuzzy slippers for around the house? The next category is accessories.

You could ask for tights, even just the short ones or the long ones that go all the way up so cute and they just go with literally everything: fuzzy bags, so cute shoulder bags short ones or long ones. Tote bags are everything more. They go with. Literally every outfit – and you can put so much in them if you get a big one or get a small one, super cute, [, __ ] it hats. If i could wear one, i would, but the fuzzy ones are everything more urban outfitters, i’m literally opposed with them.

Fuzzy socks are everything, especially in the winter time. You could ask for sunglasses. You could ask for jewelry either silver or gold, depending on what you like, or what your friend likes. The next section is makeup, so makeup is very, very broad, so pretty much ask for what you like or make sure you know what your friend likes, but these are just my ones that, like i feel like people really need. I think everyone needs a fence, beauty, highlighter, fenty beauty, lip gloss, i’m not wearing it right now, but i usually do magnetic eyelashes.

This is a really really good present for someone that wears eyelashes a lot. It’S just so much easier and makeup bags or even get them like a cute custom makeup bag with their name on it, obviously mascara and eyelash glue. My next section is self care. Mario badescu facial spray, everything more! I don’t really know what it does, but it looks cute.

It smells good and it makes my face. Look very very nice and shiny pimple patches are really good and i’ve never tried them personally, but obviously there’s so many videos on tech talk and apparently they work really really well a light up, mirror literally changed my whole entire life. You could get cute water bottles. I have this one right here from vitae apparel and it’s the water bottle ever and it just it’s really good, because you see it it’s big and obviously you need to drink water every single day to be healthy, so the gua shas, i’m not really sure. If the gua shot or just a gua sha to like help shape your face, i’ve been using it.

I don’t know if you can tell you, could ask for blue light. Glasses are very, very helpful if you always look at your screen and your phone shampoo is always a must bath bombs from lush perfume. Get your friend’s hair, perfume she’ll love you forever. I love people give me perfume for my birthday. It’S my favorite thing literally.

Ever just anything that smells good, i’m obsessed with deodorant is a really good one too self tanner. Personally, i don’t need, but i know my friends love it, so i would definitely get some self tanner shower gel. You can’t go wrong with shower gel at all. Razors bridges are perfect, get the cute colorful ones, teeth, whitening strips from crafts and then also face masks, there’s so many different types of face, masks and the scrub ones. The exfoliating ones are definitely the best ones, but the sheet ones are so cute.

There’S like animal print ones, the next category i have is books because you know gorgeous gorgeous girls that love to read. I have cute coffee table books because i love like seeing those pinterest photos of like the vogue books and the coffee tables so cute. You could get the magazines with the favorite like celebs or whatever on them. Self-Help. Workbooks are good for honestly.

Anyone i feel like this is probably the most like underrated gift ever, but i just when someone gets one for me, i’m like wow, you really care about how i feel and journals, of course, plain ones, colorful ones for books themselves. You can get them. People who meet on vacation by emily henry it ends with us colleen hoover reminders of him colleen hoover, seven husbands of evelyn hugo by taylor, jenkins, read, which is one. I really really want to read how to win friends and influence feel by dale carnage and 101 essences. That will change the way you think by brianna west, and then we have room decor posters.

You can get posters anywhere either prints online led lights. I have some in my room and i think they’re so cool they could be like overused but, like i don’t think they’re, so so cool sunset lamps. I just got a sunset lamp and it’s everything and more. It makes your room feel like you’re, just like in a sunset cute lamps, there’s heart-shaped lamps on amazon. Also, amazon has mushroom ones as well.

You can go honestly any store any like home. Good store and they’ll have really cute lamps, heart-shaped mirrors or star-shaped mirrors or moon-shaped mirrors plants or cactuses. I love a good cactus. I have mine right here. A salt lamp is really good one as well.

It’S really gives you like that. Zen type of room feel feedback chairs or comfy like cushions sit on in your room pillows, we love a good, throw pillow a heated blanket for winter saved my entire life, i’m not even kidding candles. Obviously, we love candles a cute little clothing rack. If the room is big enough, you can get them one of those white clothing racks from either ikea or amazon. Just to hang your clothes on, you can get them a wall, collage just a set of a bunch of photos and like one aesthetic they can put on their walls and make everything look really cute huge teddy bears.

I love these so much adorable. You can get them a record player if they like backwards or vinyl records. For instance, a jewelry box is really really helpful for girls because we have so much jewelry, so we obviously need somewhere to put everything and then a cute little reading light for like when you’re reading at night time. The next category is electronics and we love this category. You can get them a disposable camera.

Film cameras get like an actual film one, so you don’t have to like throw a disposable one. Every single time you can get them a new phone if you’re, just ballin iphone 13 pro max is the one that i have. I love it. I get a canon g7x if they’re starting out, vlogging or just even taking photos. It’S a really good photo camera as well the m50, which is what i’m filming on right now.

So you guys can see the quality. If you like it, you can get them a sony, vlog camera which are really really good right now as well. It also asks for or get someone cute phone cases for their phone either wildflower phone cases tastify and you can get them a tripod for either taking photos or filming a video on you can get them camera lenses for their cameras or like fisheye lenses. For your phone, which are really really cool, airpods, be it a bluetooth speaker for your room for cameras from cameras. You can get some extra film or polaroid film for their polaroid camera.

The very last one that i have is other, which is just like random miscellaneous type things you want to get around the house either stuff for their kitchen cooking, either cute little bowls spoons forks. I feel like moving into a new house really good, like housewarming gifts vacuum you can get them dishwasher detergent or laundry detergent, pretty much anything like healthy. You know what i mean: cute mugs love, mugs um. You can get them a gym. Yoga membership final cut pro any editing software that they really really like or they’ve, talked about.

Also, if they take photos, you can get them like adobe, photoshop or lightroom. You can get them a spotify membership or output. Music membership find out what your friend collects, or, if you like, to collect something. Personally, i love collecting cd. So, like i love people give me like cds or money to get cds people collect, rocks people collect vinyls posters, comic books.

I don’t really know pretty much anything that they like that they want to collect. You can get them that too. So those are literally all my ideas and if you guys found something either for yourself put on your list or to get one of your friends for their birthdays coming up soon. So thank you guys for watching this video. Hopefully it helped you guys and i’ll see you guys in my next video also subscribe.

What are you doing if you like this video, if you’ve gotten this far subscribe i’ll, see you guys in my next video bye, [, Music, ]

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