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TOP 20 Things to Do in AMSTERDAM Netherlands 2022 | New Normal Travel Guide

In the fall of 2020, i traveled to amsterdam in the netherlands, shortly after the city had reopened most of its attractions in this video. I want to show you what traveling in the netherlands is like now and share my top 20 things to do in amsterdam. During the new normal welcome to amsterdam, and i’m here today with my good friend, wilma hi. She will be joining me from this trip and where are you from i’m from italy, so we’re gon na start with the number one site as usual, and that’s the reich’s museum. It’S right around the corner.

Let’S go and take a look: The beautifully designed reiks museum from 1885 is most famous for its large collection of dutch masters from the 17th century. Its most important works include rembrandts the night watch, the hermes milkmaid hulse’s, the merry drinker and steen’s the merry family. I also really like the porcelain, dollhouse collections of the museum, which give a great impression of the lifestyle in rich dutch households during the netherlands so called golden age, and i think this really only exists in amsterdam. There’S a bicycle lane game going right through the middle of the museum: pretty cool!

Look around you by the way, it’s so beautiful, all the canals so pretty. We decided to take a break here at this super traditional dutch cafe right next to the water and of course i decided to get a dutch specialty. Those are the bitterballen and those are fried potato bones. As you can see here and i served with mustard and of course i got the traditional dutch heineken beer, so cheers: okay, let’s try! So what do you think good all right?

So here we are on the central square of amsterdam. This is the dam and this is the place where the city was originally founded about 1270.

The dam square derives its name from its original function as a dam on the amstol river in the 13th century. It connected the settlements on both sides of the amstel and gave the city its name amsterdam. Today, the square is a major national gathering, spot and home to the national monument which commemorates the victims of the second world war and subsequent armed conflicts, and here i’m standing in front of the royal palace. So, as you know, there is a king in the netherlands, his name is willow alexander, and this is his official residence.

Even though he’s really here because he prefers to live in, then the royal palace was originally built as a city hall during the dutch golden age. In the 17th century, its rooms are lavishly decorated, with chandeliers, gilded clocks and spectacular paintings. The city hall first became a royal palace in 1808 when napoleon installed his brother louis as king of the netherlands. After napoleon’s defeat, the palace was taken over by the kings and queens of the house of orange nassau, which still reigns today, and the church here on. The right is the new church.

Here in dutch. It is the official place for the investiture of the dutch kings and queens built in the 15th century. The late gothic new kirk is nowadays mostly used as an exhibition space and concert hall. Its relatively austere interior is dominated by a massive carved oak pulpit, a bronze choir screen, an organ and enormous stained glass windows in 2002. The new carrick was a location for the wedding of willem alexander and maxima.

The current king and queen of the netherlands. We walked around the city center, some more and then it was already time for dinner. So we are now in a traditional dutch restaurant called ski class, and i got a very traditional dutch dish. This is mashed potatoes with carrots in this case invites smoked, sausage and slices of bacon, and it looks really delicious. Let’S try it [ Music ], and what did you get velma very modest good morning good morning and today we’ll start with one of the most important museums in amsterdam.

That’S, of course the van gaach museum. I’M super excited for this one, i’m a big fan. Let’S check it out: vincent van gogh struggled with mental illness, depression and poverty for most of his adult life and committed suicide when he was only 37 years old, and despite all of this in less than 10 years, he created around 2 100 works Of art and developed a unique painting style that laid the foundations for modern art, as we know it. The van gogh museum in amsterdam housed the largest collection of van gogh paintings in the world and provides a good insight into the painter’s life. It’S such a great museum and now we’re moving on to our next experience, and if you enjoy beer, this one is for you [ Music ], and we made it.

This is the heineken experience. The heineken experience is hosted in the historic building of the first heineken brewery from 1867

It is a great place to learn about the history of the heineken brand and their style of beer brewing. Some of the fun activities at the experience include a roller coaster-like simulation of what it’s like to be a beer and the opportunity to create your own personalized, heineken bottle. Of course, there’s also a chance to try the beer for yourself. Next, we walked over to one of amsterdam’s main shopping attractions, and here we are now at the albertquip market.

This is amsterdam’s largest street market. You can get all kinds of things here like clothes, but also fresh produce, vegetables, fruit, it’s so cool and it’s huge. The albert coke market is one of europe’s largest daytime markets behind the stalls. There are lots of chinese indonesian, surinam, moroccan and turkish restaurants and, of course, the market offers lots of options to try traditional dutch snacks, so we’re here now at a tiny restaurant. In the middle of the market, we’ve got a traditional dutch food called croquette.

Let’S try it it’s really good, so it has meat inside potato and some cheese. I think and it’s time for dessert and i got a stroke waffle which is a waffle and it’s very fresh. They slice it all the way and then you put caramel inside it looks so good. Let’S try it after a walk through the market. We took the tram to get to what is most likely amsterdam’s quirkiest museum, and this is the captain cabinet, the cat cabinet, which is a museum dedicated entirely to cats and there’s also a live cats inside housed in an elegant, 17th century canal.

Side mansion the weird and wonderful cotton cabinet, showcases lots of cat related paintings, prints and sculptures. It also has photos of feline, loving celebrities, a pretty garden, a gift shop and real life cats that you can pet during your visit and as you can easily see when you look behind me, we’re now at the bleuemen mark the flower market, where they sell. Thousands of different varieties of bulbs and flowers the bloomin mark was set up in 1862 as a floating flower market. On the single canal back then, flower traders used to travel down the amstel river and sold their produce straight from their boats. Nowadays, the market is mostly geared towards tourists.

Hunting for the perfect tulip themed, souvenir. The netherlands are one of the biggest cheese producers worldwide and dutch people eat more than 14 kilograms of cheese per year. On average, the popular henri village, cheese shops allow you to sample lots of different varieties and offer many inventive flavors, including cumin herbs and garlic, coconut and even asparagus all right. So i just came back out from the cheese shop and i got this one here. It’S the juicy garlic variety, especially the garlic, was tasted, a lot of different cheese on this one, one of my favorites.

In the evening i decided to go for a drink in one of amsterdam’s, big nightlife hubs. So here i am now on the light supply and one of the absolute main squares when it comes to nightlife in amsterdam, especially friday night, really feels kind of like a normal night out. I can’t really tell this is the new normal, except for one thing? There’S only dutch people here, there’s not a single tourist here and i know because i had to put my phone number and i could see the other people’s phone numbers and they’re all dutch numbers. So only dutch people here, it’s crazy, but a really cool party atmosphere.

So cheers for host, as i say here in [ Music ] amsterdam good morning, so today we’re going to visit one of the most impressive sites of amsterdam and one of the most moving sites for sure we’re going to the ann frank house and it’s right around The corner, so we already booked our tickets online where important you have to reserve the tickets online nowadays. Anne frank was young jewish girl, who was forced to hide together with her family and a few of their friends during the nazi occupation of the netherlands in 1942. For two years she lived in a secret annex in the back of an amsterdam warehouse and kept a diary in which she could find her thoughts and described her difficult life in hiding. In 1944, the family was discovered and sent to concentration camps. Only ann’s father otto survived and published a diary in 1947.

It is one of the most important and moving accounts of the holocaust. After a visit to the museum, it was time for lunch. So, as you might know, a true dutch specialty are pancakes and now we’re one of the best places to have pancakes in hampstead. This is the pancake bakery and check out this amazing package.

I got. I got the french one, it has goat cheese, dried tomatoes and pine nuts. It looks absolutely amazing. It’S a flavor explosion so which one did you get the american pumpkins with yogurt blueberries and honey and whipped cream. It’S massive.

So after the delicious savory pancake, i decided to get one of the most traditional dutch sweets and those are poker cheese. These are tiny baby, pancakes and here they’re served with powdered sugar and butter, and i think it’s gon na be so delicious. Let me try it wow, really soft, on the inside really juicy wow they’re delicious. So now we are in an area called ninth street or negenstratis in dutch. It’S a super, pretty shopping area with tiny little streets.

That’S where the name comes from and there’s lots of different shops that sell all kinds of funny items. Some interesting cafes and shops in the nation’s area are the screaming beans. Cafe the zipper secondhand shop, the it’s a present gift shop, the waxwell record store and the excellent the cascama cheese. So it’s time to try out the most typical mode of transportation here in amsterdam is, of course, the bike. We’Re gon na go for a tour and the famous bundle parking is just around the corner, covering over 47 hectares bundle.

Park is amsterdam’s biggest city park. It is extremely popular with locals and an ideal place for riding bikes having a picnic or just going for a walk attractions inside the park include a beautiful rose garden, several cafes, a picasso sculpture and even an outdoor theater, [, Music ]. I decided to take a quick break here by this fountain and that massive park is so beautiful, especially right now around sunset time. It’S a perfect place to come and relax company is making it very clear that, yes, they are open. Excellent because that’s what we’re gon na do next seeing amsterdam from the water on a canal cruise is one of the best ways to experience the unique charm of this city.

During our cruise in an open boat, we saw many iconic 17th century buildings. The reichs museum, lots of historic bridges and the nemo science museum bilma, and i really enjoyed the peaceful evening. Atmosphere, was the best experience yeah, i think also it was so much fun and if you want to do the boat tour, i highly recommend doing it in the open boat, because you get a much better view and it’s much much better for taking Pictures we saw some of the close boats and we’re really glad we got an open one. Oh man that was so much fun. Also.

Definitely one of my favorite experiences here in amsterdam, all right. So it’s gotten dark. We quickly went back to the hotel to put a warmer clothes, which i think was a great decision, because it does get quite cold here at night in september, and now we’re gon na head out to get the best french fries in amsterdam. And i think wilmer is excited, are you so excited? So we got the mannequin piss fries and it looks so good, it’s huge.

Actually, this is the medium size. I’M glad we didn’t get the big one, because that would have been way too big and you can pick whichever sauce you like. So i got three different ones to try it out: So how do you like the mannequin piss fries? Yes, are they good, so we made a quick detour into the red light district just got back out of it and obviously couldn’t really film their ladies who worked and would like to be filmed.

But it’s interesting because it was one of the busiest parts of the city i’ve seen so far. So apparently that’s recession, proof. So those are my recommendations for amsterdam. What are yours, if you’re from there or, if you’ve, been there before, please make sure to leave your tips and advice in the comment box below this video? If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to max nomad for new travel videos published every week, i’m max nomad and i will talk to you again soon.

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