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AMSTERDAM Travel Guide | 15 top things to do + Red Light District

On this episode, we’re saying goodbye to paris and high temps today, just an hour and 15 minute flight away, whoa around 800 000 people who live here in amsterdam and these teeny weeny cars. That’S a really cool car to a different take on chocolate. There are tulips and the infamous red light district and tasty dutch pancakes. We don’t have our bags, they got left at the airport. Amsterdam is a vibrant city, full of surprises, seed, starter kit, we’re going to explore around 15 top things to do and see starting off with a one hour canal tour.

There you go. Thank you euros. A ticket drinks we’re extra two euros for a water. We learned about amsterdam in english is another of the city’s old defense canal, german, so tip you may want to go on a tour that gives you headphones and the option to choose one language enjoy that number one thing to do in amsterdam. Oh really, there are dozens of museums around the city.

I’Ve heard there are around 75 of them from the sex museum to van gogh, who was actually born in the netherlands. There are more than 200 of his paintings on display. One place that you cannot miss, though, is the anne frank house, which is just behind us. Anne frank was jewish and in 1942 she hid from the nazis for two years in this secret annex at her father’s business. This is how we scored tickets at the last minute three weeks in advance 80 of the tickets go on sale and then at 9 00 a.

. On the day you want to go, 20 of the tickets are sold so this morning at 9am there were about 516 people ahead of us and there was a little section. That said, look if you’re more than 200 in the queue don’t worry about hanging around, because you’re not going to get a ticket. John just thought! You know what i’m just going to wait see if we can get these tickets and lo and behold we’re able to get two tickets at the 4 30 session, we’re about to head in.

Let’S check it out, no photos or videos. You just have to see it for yourself. It is such an emotional journey as you walk through these rooms, where she spent her teenage years, hiding up until police came storming. It’S very much one of the top things to do here. The food here is unique from cheese to cannabis, chocolate and the hot chips that draw crap one with truffle sauce, and what sauce do you have was actually speechless like what an operation?

How many chips? Do you sell a day? I don’t know if anyone i don’t want a pound. That looks pretty damn good. Thank you.

Oh my gosh, pork for our fries, so this place got voted number one fries, poland, they weren’t cheap, though 20 aussies 20 bucks. Oh my gosh. Are they worth it all right? Let’S give it a go. Sorry about the angle here, they’re pretty good john and i as we eat our chips we walking along and we’re actually listening to rick steve’s audio to a little tip there.

If you want to do a walking tour, um, download, britsday’s, app and they’re completely free, but if getting around on a bike is more your thing. Well, there are plenty of them. There are just as many bikes as there are renters rental companies are everywhere. After all, amsterdam is the bicycle capital of the world, with more than 35 000 kilometers worth of bike paths, that’s around 22 000 miles in the heart of the city. You’Ll find the royal palace it’s situated at sam square.

There are plenty of [ Music ] if you’re after the perfect dutch gift, you’ll find it here, the best known dutch flower tulip. This is the flower market. The stalls sit on pontoons, so these ones combine take to the u.s and canada, but none for australia. Unfortunately, sorry mum, in fact there were plenty of items that aren’t available in australia, cannabis, seed, starter kit, for only three man, that’s pretty funny, so we opted for the x-rated fridge magnets instead, which one should we get one euro each.

Thank you so much cannabis is everywhere. If you don’t see it well, you’ll definitely smell it. Spice, cakes, oh they’re. The seeds can i miss ice cream in amsterdam. It is legal to buy soft drugs like weed from coffee shops, there’s so much to see and do in every corner.

It seems there’s like an amsterdam quirk. That’S unique! Like these so-called cars, that’s a really cool car. Is it cool to drive oh yeah yeah? How do you fit in it you’re so tall see you see, those are cute, but i’m gon na get in.

If it’s made for the dutch people, you can drive peaceful bicycles, oh really, i’m not in the highway. So you have to drive on the road. That is march 50 and below you don’t have to go above guys, yeah yeah, that’s so cool, just pretty much park it up anywhere and off. You go as the day turns to darkness. There’S one place we’re going to check out that no doubt you’ve heard about, and that is the red light district.

The women stand behind windows and they have a neon light that turns on when they’re available. Prostitution here is legal: they each have their own rooms and there are also sex stores here. Peep shows strip clubs, even sex theaters. Meanwhile, back at our bunker, we spent three nights at the hotel, vandal visual. I’M sure i’ve pronounced that wrong, but it was four stars.

It was clean, it was quiet, it was modern. It had a coffee machine, a small desk and heated flooring in the bathroom, not bad, for around 100 a night and on the way into town, a five five-minute walk away. We found breakfast that is a pancake in amsterdam. We don’t have our bags, they got left at the airport, so we’re making do with the clothes that we have and no hair product. Poor john woof, head 25 euro for pancakes.

It’S like 45 50 bucks. What it’s like! 45 50 bucks! It’S so funny when i want something you always round it up, but when you get something you want to run it down. Amsterdam‚S unesco protected canal belt was created in the 17th century and how’s this for ingenuity.

You can see all the houses have the hooks, because the windows and the stairs are usually so small. They bring furniture in through the windows. That’S how people move into their homes. Many people here live on. Houseboats too.

There are around two and a half thousand of them moored in the city centre. We heard you can even stay in a houseboat hotel. We wanted to take a look inside one. This is the houseboat museum, it’s so unique and cozy. So if you want to get an idea of how people live on a houseboat tickets are around 450 euros each i was sold.

When are we going to get a house, but john insisted on one of these instead 10.50 per person for an hour, and we have to do all the hard work? Amsterdam is located on 90 small islands. It actually has more canals than venice and more bridges than paris it’s hard to believe in winter. The waterways are like this just for context we’re here visiting at the start of september.

It’S meant to be like one of the best times to visit, but i still needed a jumper. I found it a little cold, just an area of raw dawn, [, Music, ], there’s so much to see here, but this dog carriage was the cutest. After this little guy, could you imagine having one of those in australia? Would you buy one? Would you really i’ve always wanted a smart car and you’ve always paid me out about it subscribe for our next adventure on global travel guides.

We explore our backyard. That looks incredible back home in australia, traveling along the scenic great ocean road. The entire stretch is 243 kilometers, as we road trip it from melbourne to adelaide. I’M so glad we stopped by to check this out.

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