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Ginkgo für mehr Gesundheit & Gedächtnis? Das sollten Sie wissen als Schutz vor Alzheimer & Demenz

Hello and welcome to my new video who doesn’t know the situation, we’re running late, have to catch the train or be in the office on time and can’t find subsidies in our house. Where did we just put the stupid thing, and so that me happens again? Of course, we inform ourselves on the internet about remedies for memory improvement and come across ginkgo there, but be careful because not every remedy that has the name on it is also really good for our memory and how you can tell the good from the bad products. What gingko is capable of doing in the right composition and also where the risks lie? So have a look: [, music, ], hello?

My name is dr tobias weigl. I would like to have my youtube channel, provide you with medically understandable and correct explanations on the subject. Supplements supplements also symptoms and clinical pictures, and if you don’t want to miss anything, then please subscribe to my channel now that ginkgo can have a positive effect on our ability to remember has been proven by a number of studies. I’Ll also add a few 1 to it right away, but the consumer center warns that it’s currently too many manufacturers decorate with the characteristic gingko place and their products ultimately have no advantages for you as a consumer. So never very often there are two sides, one painting and the other promising miracles.

This is how ginkgo is supposed to improve memory in this country. Gingko has been around for a long time very unknown at the time, but it has been popular in naturopathy for centuries, especially in asia.Many. Other countries such as the usa became aware of the possible effects of this plant much earlier and have since become popular. There testing supplements when i went pink talks i strictly speaking of the gingko biloba variety and the ingredients of this plant are in the leaves and are offered in many different forms.

Here is the first question: how much of it was possible and how much should it be in the food supplements at all to have an effect? Unfortunately, it is the case that the extracts in the food supplements are not standardized and can sometimes differ significantly from one another, and why do so many of us now buy it? We buyers expect it primarily to improve memory ginkgo, but even more in asia. It is used against blister effects, and it is said to be effective for tinnitus and also for dizziness, so actually a whole range of effects on an arrive that are not actually related to each other here. It is then, generally important to be careful because the more a substance can the more careful i would be in principle.

There are no miracle cures, so, unfortunately, there is scientific evidence of an effect studies that prove the effectiveness of ginkgo are very rare, so far. Laboratory tests show again and again that the ingredients of the ginkgo leaves act against free radicals. Also, the flow properties of the blood can improve so make the boat thinner or protect nerve cells from understandable influences, but these are laboratory tests. But as soon as the observations are carried out in studies on people, especially if there are also placebos there are control groups, then no significant effects can be measured anymore. That has meanwhile led to that.

The consumer advice center even of many ginkgo preparations update, called supplements. It is practically ineffective. No study was able to prove advantages in participants, no high-quality study, i.e.Studies that are placebo, controlled with control groups, and this is also due to the fact that the ingredients in the food supplements are completely different than in the medical preparations that have shown an effect.

In studies, but caution is also required here. The consumer center also emphasizes that there is only one single drug from the pharmacy preparation gives. An effect could be proven, that is, the prescription drug tebonin, 240 milligrams. All other preparations and also dietary supplements also failed in the study of the magazine, ko test as ineffective. So the study situation is very rare.

Consumer center advises against it and in the magazine, kotest 27 out of 28 preparations failed, except for the lean topic. Of course, a magazine like this is not scientific and I don’t usually refer to something like that either, but I think it’s very good for you to clarify what’s going on here, So I can only advise not to use all the supplements, at least for the gingko Part in it again, tebonin seems to have a sufficient concentration composition, et cetera for everyone else. It is probably like the consumer center says: a promotionally, effective, jewelry ingredient as well as ginkgo for alzheimers are now coming.

We finally come to the one proven effect that makes ginkgo so interesting for many of us: the improvement of cognitive performance since 619. A long time ago, a study found that a special extract from ginkgo biloba could very slowly ease mild to moderate alzheimer’s disease, especially when the disease is in the early stages and at that time the patients received 240 milligrams of the extract over a period of 24 Weeks.

relatively long period of time and then achieved significantly better values, alzheimers test han the control group, i.e e A study was made with a control group and based on this result. The researchers have now been doing intensive research for several decades, But little new has come out of it.

If you want to find out more about everything by the way feel free to take a look at this playlist of mine, I have several videos around alzheimers and dementia once done, the effectiveness of ginkgo is very one-dimensional. Overall, new studies have been coming since then to prove that ginkgo can improve the working or short-term memory under certain circumstances.

A similar study dealt with the effects on the aging process, because theoretically, there are many antioxidants, flavonoids in the ginkgo extract and also contain other substances that slow down the aging process or have an influence under laboratory conditions. So it was also possible to show an effect here very important. These are laboratoryb again. The question is always: how far can this be transferred to us humans in reality, and there are also indications that ginkgo anxiety is an issue, but the question is always: how much do you need?

How strong is the effect, so how strong can the fears be, for example, cetera schunk be so one thing is clear: as a dumpling broth, if medication to counteract the fear does not help, for example, then gingko supplements will definitely not work either, because otherwise, all of Us doctors who prescribed or recommended it to you would be happy, so I’m happy to repeat myself: do not buy any preparations whose effects have not been properly proven, because these preparations in particular also entail risks.

Beware of side effects because, although ginkgo and the various extracts have been described as very safe in studies, this does not necessarily have to be the case for the many active ingredient and content combinations of the food supplements. There are often different ingredients that are artificially combined.

So, to speak quite a lot of the one from the annex and all mixed together for medicinal products. There is an upper limit for the gingko acid used, which does not apply to food supplements. This is also even more important than new products.

Yes, always much more. Strictly controlled.In addition, interactions with medication cannot be ruled out, So definitely speak to the official veterinarian if you are taking other medication, especially blood thinners, such as marcumar or ss. I just mentioned the influence on the blood flow on blood thinning.

The side effects are also not without some people reporting headaches due to the increased content of charcoal.

It can also lead to gastrointestinal complaints, especially if you are very sensitive, especially if you are also taking other meds drugs in a small table hitting the stomach and the acid can also trigger allergies. The federal agency for risk assessment even warns that changes in the genetic material cannot be ruled out if the doses are too high.

Ironically, certain ginkgo preparations even cause dizziness, although it actually does exactly against it according to manufacturers, should help so, as you can see, inform and also inform your doctor about it. If you take ginkgo preparations alternatives for bingo, but what are the alternatives? What should you do?

Instead, maybe the best results achieve alzheimer patients with relatively simple means, with lots of exercise in the fresh air. That’S important with a moderate sports program, unnatural brain training. Nevertheless, alzheimer’s can’t be cured. To date, it’s important to know what options there are to keep your brain fit for as long as possible. If you haven’t already t is also ill.

I summarized that in this video you will be surprised how much influence you have on the performance of your brain. So if you have rare memory gaps, do not panic immediately, not every misfire is a harbinger of dementia in the early stages that is developing, However, should the concentration problem persist and you notice a conspicuous forgetfulness, then the way to the doctor can of course be useful And do it then don’t forget the only scientifically proven effective drug is prescription-only and the other preparations should not just be like that be swallowed for this there is no indication of sufficient effectiveness.

If you liked this again now, you are welcome to support me by subscribing to my channel by clicking on the like button under the video. If you have any questions or suggestions about this t about gingko-like preparations, maybe you’d like to write in the comments below.

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