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Ginkgo Biloba Review of Benefits & Side Effects

Hey, what’s going on, i’m coach brian here with thanks for tuning in thanks for watching, and this video is pretty much everything you need to know about. Ginkgo biloba, i’m going to be sharing some reviews, some side effects, some benefits. What actual ginkgo biloba tree might even look like or what? What is the extract or how to get it?

Everything you know is going to be contained within this video. So let’s kick that off with saying ginkgo biloba is great yeah! Okay, that’s all you need to know no, i’m just kidding but ginkgo below, but let’s go back a little bit and talk some uh. What actually is ginkgo kinkobiloba? Well, first off it comes from a tree.

The tree that is native to far east asia, china um, is usually where it’s most associated or grown. So this is a tree that has been around for a long time. It can grow up to 50 meters tall the leaves drop yearly. It produces a nut that which is edible, but in very limited quantities, because it does have a poisonous effect if you eat too many anyways. So ginkgo biloba comes from a a tree very simple: you can actually grow trees pretty much anywhere, but it uh.

It needs a good environment to grow in it’s not going to grow in a desert. It’S not going to grow on the beach. It’S not going to grow up on a snow, packed mountain. It can grow big up to 50 meters and it also can produce a pretty pungent or nasty odor once it blooms and once that nut is uh is ready or it cracks open, anyways. So ginkgo bloba comes from that tree.

So now the the benefits of kinko is you take the nut from the tree. You get the crack open, the shell whatever and you get the extract from the nut. That’S where we get our ginkgo biloba pills or ginkgo bilobates. So you probably just didn’t, want to know any about that, but you want to know if it’s actually beneficial. You probably want to know some side effects.

But let me talk about the reviews. Reviews are scientific studies, people’s take on kinkobiloba, predominantly throughout anybody’s opinions or expertise or science. It’S saying ginkobloba is beneficial. There is a lot of research out there saying ben uh ginkgo is beneficial, it’s helpful. It can improve and we’ll talk about the benefits in just a second, but it can improve a lot of different things now on the same side of the or the other side of the coin, is that some side of, or some studies say that ginkgo isn’t beneficial?

It does nothing, but that said, you need to know that whatever you’re looking to get out of ginkgo, it is conditional. It depends on your goal. It depends on your current physical health. It also depends on your age, your sex uh, the type of condition, the severity of the conditions you have so there’s a lot that goes into the uh, the reasoning behind it and also the conclusions given from ginkgo biloba. Okay again, let’s, let’s fast forward a little bit, let’s talk about benefits and side effects.

So let’s talk about some ginkgo biloba benefits. The first one is definitely going to be the most common. It’S going to improve memory or improve cognitive function. It’S also going to help with dementia alzheimer’s disease anxiety, multiple sclerosis tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears sexual dysfunction, premenstrual syndrome, dizziness headache, glaucoma, diabetic, eye problems and vertigo. So there’s a long list of benefits but, like i said a few minutes ago, that not all these benefits will be seen in everybody.

It just depends on your condition, but it also depends on the dosage. So now, let’s talk about side effects as just like. Every supplement or every herb or every nutrient mineral, whatever everything has a side effect now some of these are going to be a little more rare than others, but you need to know that taking anything that’s not produced within the body by itself, it’s gon na could Potentially have some kind of side effect, so here are some common side effects associated with ginkgo biloba, bleeding constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, abdominal discomfort, restlessness and also weakness. Now you’re probably saying wait, weren’t those some of the benefits of getting like you know reducing headaches, anxiety, but aren’t those some side effects as well. Well, yeah.

Obviously everybody responds differently to whatever. So if you’re, you know more prone to getting side effects on any type of supplement or drug that you take you’re, probably going to run into one or two of these side effects, but also the benefits of taking it might outweigh the side effect of actually taking It as well now here’s some other possible, but more rare side effects that you could encounter with this product.

Things like bleeding in the eye or brain severe bleeding after surgery, severe allergic reactions, difficulty breathing and this is associated with eating the fresh ginkgo seeds, seizures and possibly death, so yeah sure there’s a long list of side effects as well, but a lot of those might Not happen to you, the main thing is you need to know your dosage. You need to know why you’re taking it, you also need to go about it in a safe manner to get the most benefit and also the safest approach when taking ginkgo biloba. So let’s say you don’t like taking pills, even if it is a natural vegetable capsule, it’s easily digestible, no gmos.

Whatever, let’s say you don’t want to take any type of pills, and i don’t blame you there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s another way: you can’t get the benefits of ginkgo, you can drink it. A lot of companies and a lot of farmers are making ginkgo teas. It’S pretty much. Just ginseng leaves put in a tea bag just like any other cup of tea boil some water.

Let it steep for a couple minutes and then just drink your tea. As you would anything else, you would get the same benefits drinking tea as you would taking a pill, no difference other than you’re, just getting a little bit of added water into your system. Now a lot of people are saying you know trying to combine ginseng with ginkgo, which is actually pretty good uh, so it’s gaining popularity, ginseng and ginkobloba. The reason why that that is is because both kind of work synergistically together, they kind of help each other out. It’S like peanut butter and jelly.

You know they just kind of go well together. Ginseng has been known to improve mood, but also has been known to give more anti-inflammatory responses and improve circulation and also improves just total body endurance makes you feel a little more alert throughout the day.

So if you take some ginkgo for the brain, improves brain function and you take some ginseng on top of that that improves mood, improves body endurance, hey. That sounds like a good, safe way to pull an all-nighter if you’re studying for a late night exam or you got ta drive late or work late, whatever so taking ginkgo and ginseng together is a great way to uh. Just get some more added boost into your metabolism, all right!

So that’s a lot of information about ginkgo biloba. Let me summarize it real quick for you comes from a tree. A nut is produced from the tree. That’S where you get the extract from there’s a lot of good science out there saying it’s supportive, uh, it’s supportive for benefits, but also there’s some science saying it’s not beneficial um. There is long list of benefits, there’s also some side effects associated with it.

Long story short, try it out, it will help you out in some regard might not be as beneficial as you think, or you would hope for or as claims make it out to be. But the main thing is: try it’s cheap and it’s pretty much readily accessible anywhere. You go but, most importantly, check out.

The label read the label if follow the instructions and if you are currently on a whole bunch of different types of supplements or nutraceuticals or some kind of prescription. Drugs consult with a doctor consult with the pharma system, see if there’s any contraindications between gingko and whatever you might be.

Taking now, if you’re interested in actually buying some ginkgo go over to critical nutrition’s amazon store and check out their ginkgo biloba product uh, that is gon na, be something that we recommend that you take if you’re interested in taking ginkgo. Also with that, if you’re interested more about the ginseng that i mentioned a bit ago same company critical nutrition has a ginseng product, it’s called horny goat weed.

It has a lot of ginseng in there that’s the product. I would recommend you take in to combine ginkgo with ginseng, so you got ginkgo product and also that horny goat weed combine those two together and you’re gon na see some great benefits. So thanks for watching, i know you loved learning about ginkgo, biloba and all the great benefits that i can give you there’s something else.

I’D love to share with you. It’S a report that i wrote called the top three natural pain relievers, that your physician won’t tell you about. You can get that by going to the video description area below checking out that top link, you got to click, it give us your email and then we’ll send over the report for you, but there’s an easier way.

All you need to do is click this button right here again give us your email and the report will be coming to you right away other than that subscribe to our channel by clicking this and check out this awesome, video that i know you’re gon na find Helpful as well comment on this video, if you have a question post it now i’d love to hear from you like this video and also share with your friends. I’M coach bryan with criticalbench.

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