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Rosacea: Erkennen der Symptome und Auslöser sowie wichtige Tipps zur richtigen Behandlung

so and welcome to a new video from us today is about the topic of rosacea what is rosacea which symptoms does it harbor and how can you, as an affected person, deal with your rosacea more easily in everyday life, i.e. if you are affected yourself or know someone I’m happy to share the video and I’ll give you many valuable tips today on how you can experience rosacea in everyday life. So and welcome to a new video from us. Today it’s about rosacea.

First of all, what is rosacea and what are the symptoms houses this and if you are affected by it yourself or know someone then please share this video because i will also give you many valuable tips on how to cope better with your illness in everyday life so we come to the question of what is rosacea Rose is one of the most common chronic inflammatory skin diseases that affects adults in particular women than men it is usually diagnosed from the age of 30 to the age of 50 and in the initial stage it is slightly dilated veins, especially on the curves of the face, i.e.

On the bank area in the nose forehead but also in the bank area the disease is not contagious yes how can you tell rosacea is best of course you go to a dermatologist first he usually divides the rosacea into three stages stage 1 is usually not noticed by the affected person you notice a few fleeting reddening occasional itching and burning in the face especially in the banking area sometimes the Redness increases but then also easily disappears again, for example with overexertion or when consuming spicy foods in the second stage , it is then that papules and pustules, i.e. small nodules , can also become very severely inflamed.

This complexion is also similar to one acne and im let zten stage this is a stage which more often affects the male world and it comes here to the connective tissue and sebaceous glands book around what is also incorrectly known as a drunkard nose knoll nose it is actually called that renault add these skin growths can also on the ear or on the chin finding it is important but to say here this rosacea is not acne because the important difference here is that those with it so the comet without in rosacea are completely missing and these actually characterize the skin picture of acne that’s why terms like acne rosacea or acne are used of the adult completely wrong what can happen is that i can connect a rose in a file but it is still important for her to understand that there are two completely different clinical pictures yes we come to the question namely what are the causes for a rose and why one now gets this clinical picture and the other is not not yet fully clarified it is known that genetics plays a role because many affected people also have family members who were also affected or are affected it is known that light-skinned skin types , i.e.

Skin types 1 and 2, are more frequently affected, after which the disease is often referred to as the curse of the Celts Furthermore , solar radiation plays a major role because it has a very great influence on our connective tissue as well as blood and lymphatic vessels and can expand them and also contribute to inflammation innate immune responses include the fact that these occur in rosacea patients in increased or modified form , which in turn leads to the typical clinical picture of rosacea, namely the reddening and inflammation of the face.

It is also known that, for example, certain million species such as the demo decks mite in rosacea patients are increasingly to be found and that brings us to the question of film on our skin yes that is not so unusual at all because even 90 percent of the skin population has this also called demo decks mite it is actually good for us because it sits in The hair follicles feed on dough and sweat there and help our skin get ready to produce and thus prevent pathogens from penetrating and causing inflammation.

Now it is with rosacea patients that this demo decks mite is more present and the patients then react with an immune response means the body forms antibodies and that’s where this inflammatory, reddened skin comes from stay now with the pink located or even the sy improve mptomatic that is why it is important that everyone has their own carrier factors such as too hot spices or physical activity sometimes it is enough to switch from warm to cold or vice versa or alcohol or stress excitement that everyone knows their carrier factors and these above all also avoids i would like to recommend the rosacea app again at this point i put it down here in an info box and you can enter exactly what you ate before your rosacea flare up what did you do you did a lot of sport Are you celebrating or was there some sort of emotional stress or excitement and hasso dropped a new cream try everything you can record in the pink target and bring it with you to the next dermatologist visit and it can also be quite emotionally stressful if, for example, you have been taking care of your skin for years has tolerated well and this suddenly no longer dead and there is au f in any case, going to the dermatologist is announced because only he can determine whether you may have reacted to a certain ingredient and then you simply have to find a solution together which care products you could tolerate is so now we come to an important factor, namely the therapy I already told you that rosacea cannot be cured, so going to the dermatologist is really so important because only he can determine the complexion and also adjust a suitable therapy to it .

It is also important here to know your own trigger factors and, above all, these too diet is also a big factor here this is unfortunately always a bit swept and the table is swept a bit more recent study results also show that a plant-based diet can make a significant contribution to improving the clinical picture, i.e. redness is reduced inflammation occurs less frequently when you for d If you are interested in nutrition then have a look where I can go to our channel my dear colleague the answer is really great videos provided which can certainly help you in this regard so let’s get back to therapy there are different approaches, either local therapy with gels, creams and ointments or systemic therapy for local therapy that is applied locally to the face , there are four active ingredients that are approved in Germany , one is the primo media from the iva mclean, the metro nidda zone and the acea in acid from the primo, the din is a base constrictor which means it contracts vessels and if the vessels in the face are dilated into the cheek area, then you can probably already imagine the effect this has, namely that the redness disappears active ingredients that I present to you is why Going to the doctor is really essential.

The great ideas work very quickly, but not as long as that means if you have an important appointment, for example, or you want to go out in a smart look two things will start and work on the one hand against the inflammation but also on the parasitic i already explained to you earlier that the demo decks mite which is a parasite can contribute significantly to the inflammation in pink and that about mac team is also like that pape im pustules so already in the second stage of russian rosacea used because it is with toni you can maybe use it as an antibiotic this does not have an antibiotic effect on the skin but only anti-inflammatory because it is dosed very low it is also used from the second stage if, for example, papules and Boosten come that the latter is the corrosive acid, which is also found in poplars and pustules n is used and which has a very good anti-inflammatory effect on this entire local therapy, of course, the care builds up I’ll discuss that again later I’ll just give you a few more tips and tricks on how to clean your face and what you care for we should still take this to heart, so we come to systemic therapy , in the form of tablets.

It used to be that high-dose antibiotics were used, which, however, resulted in many unpleasant side effects such as gastrointestinal problems , i.

e. diarrhea, stomach pains, i.e. fungal diseases or simply that resistance has developed because patients may not have taken it every day as they should and that is why, according to recent study results, low-dose doxycycline is used, which is also the only approved drug for rosacea and this low-dose As already mentioned, doxycycline is in a low dose and releases its active ingredient with a delay, which means that it no longer becomes antibiotic but only anti- inflammatory and can really work very well from the inside against the inflammation in pink and maybe depending on the degree of severity it has to the dermatologist decides to be given with the same therapy the good thing is that the skin’s sensitivity to light no longer plays a role here, as it does with many other antibiotics because it is simply dosed very low, which means it has fewer side effects can also be taken over a longer period of time, so to speak are and are very well tolerated by the patients, so i would like to give you a few tips and tricks if, for example , you are affected yourself or know someone how you can deal better with your rosacea in everyday life and, above all, what can make before the first visit to the dermatologist and dara uf I ‚ll be the first to speak I already introduced the rosacea app in advance it’s really a great thing because you don’t even remember what it was that triggered my rosacea attack today or what happened i ate it now i used it differently than usual and your own carrier factors are just as individual as the person themselves and that’s why it’s good to just write them down and have them ready for the next home visit so he can look at them the therapy can also be adjusted to some extent so we come to the cleaning the cleaning should really be a gentle cleaning for rosacea a maximum of twice a day do not clean excessively and preferably only with lukewarm water at the moment not with water that is too warm at the moment because that in turn the blood vessels can be irritated and can lead to inflammation and reddening.

Hot detergents are best t soap-free detergents that have a ph value of 5.

5 because they do not attack our skin’s protective barrier the problem with normal detergents is that they simply have a too high ph value which shifts the ph value of ours and thus makes it easier for pathogens to play in ours penetrating the skin and causing inflammation you should also not rub your face he dab to dry because that can also irritate again so we come to the care of rosacea you can do a lot yourself for your appearance and that brought a few things that when you buy the cream you don’t use creams that are too high in fat, so that you prefer lighter consistencies such as emotion or illusion because there is too much fat in the cream , heat can build up and the veins can redden or even redden trigger the next boost and yes, make-up is allowed and I personally think it helps a lot a lot for your own well-being if you feel uncomfortable with an acute pink and maybe don’t even dare to go out on the street many cosmetic products have already developed many products against rossana especially that do not contain any pigments with green is complementary to red and works also make up for it again when buying, make sure that the products don’t come with tessa and that they maybe have a beige green component it makes sense even if such products maybe already have a sun protection factor where we have already come to one that is really almost the most important point come along sun protection factor is the be-all and end-all i have already explained to you the sun exposure to the sun really does not only have good effects on the skin but also bad effects on the skin if we don’t protect ourselves the connective tissue the lymph and blood vessels are changed seem to expand and that’s why it happens to the rescue and to enz and you should also fall back on lighter creams such as fluid die emotion and a sun protection factor of 30 is really at least better than 50 yes that’s about it about rosacea there is definitely a lot more to tell and if you maybe one more If you are more interested in the topic then please let us know in the comments below and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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