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Parrot Has A Say In Every Single Thing His Mom Does — And She Loves It | The Dodo Soulmates

He is a wonderful alarm clock. If i go a minute over his morning, wake up time. He lets me know he’s very punctual. After we cuddle, we try to make the bed together and i say: try because pluto really enjoys the sheets he’ll climb under them. He even dances with them.

It’S such a wonderful way to start your day. Pluto is very involved in everything i do, but especially he loves to help me with my hair. He will act as a second hair brush. He likes to make it his way. So i kind of let him have some creative license to get me ready every morning.

For breakfast he has to quality check everything he’s checking it tasting it, giving me feedback and then telling me what he thinks we should eat. There is nothing i do that he is not helping me with, or at least supervising he’s my little shadow. If pluto were to have any human job, he would be an office manager. He wants to make sure that him and i are always on track together. He needs everything to be done on a schedule.

I just finished my nursing degree and i really couldn’t have done it without pluto, because sometimes i’m not too organized, but he really is. After studying we work out together and then we go take a shower. If he’s not sitting on my head he’s on the stand right next to it, he loves the steam of the shower and would sit in there all day. If he could, then we start cleaning the house. He is extremely involved in that as well.

He will sit on my shoulder and tell me if i missed a spot. His favorite is vacuuming and i have no idea why i think he likes hearing vacuum pick up what he had dropped because he likes to drop food and all kinds of stuff all over. Every day after lunch, we like to take a walk together. He really loves the outdoors, enjoying the breeze enjoying the different sounds, pluto’s, favorite part of the day is the evening.

His dad is there and the whole flock is together we’re all spending time together enjoying each other’s company relaxing and getting ready for bed. Pluto has been with me for about six years now, he’s been with me in the darkest and the happiest moments celebrating life with me through every different moment and different emotion that we had together. I don’t think there is a better best friend than that. If i didn’t have pluto the days would be so bland quiet, boring when you’re editing a picture and you turn up the saturation. That is what pluto is in my world.

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