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Fresh like a daisy makeup tutorial | ALI ANDREEA

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel, I’m Andrea Ali, I’m a professional makeup artist based in Paris and in today’s video I’m going to create the look that I’m wearing right. Now that I decided to call it fresh like a daisy, because this screams freshness – and let me tell you something – I am anything but fresh right now, as you can see, my my voice is, is failing me um, I’m a mom of seven months old, almost seven Months old baby, so you know that’s that’s hard. You know if you’re a mom, I don’t have to explain this to you um. However, this makeup look definitely gives me that boost that generous. I hate when people use that.

No, you know what it just gives me freshness. It makes me look joyful. It makes me look younger a little bit. Why not so make sure you get all the way to the end, to get all the tips and tricks and follow me along now. Let’S get into it cure canvas primer.

This is the perfecting version from Laura Mercier and honestly, if you are trying to make your foundation last longer, try to use a primer not to Prime is a crime. I said this at the beginning of time. I still believe in this I mean I have applied all my skincare products, so I could have moved on with whatever complexion product I wanted to use. However, when you’re using this type of primer, I promise you the longevity of whatever you’re, using either Foundation or Tinted. Moisturizer is going to be longer.

Okay, fresh, like the daisy, Laura, Mercier, Tinted Moisturizer. This is oil free strongly recommend if you’re looking for something that would be very, very lightweight something that dries but still stays very luminous. Now the only thing about this product is that, is it oxidizes? Actually, let me apply it on the face, so you can see this color. I’M using right.

Now is three neutral one sand: okay, quite dark! Okay, if you let it sit a little bit, let me spread it. I have self tan uh on right now, so I couldn’t make this work. However, it oxidizes, so it gets even a little bit darker than this in a minute. So I I’m thinking that it would be better to use number two.

This is number two um. Definitely a lot lighter different, the difference between two and three. It’S like crazy. I normally apply three to be completely honest with you, because I like a slightly darker complexion, you see this already went like very, very dark, so I’ll take this off. This is the type of product that you want to apply with your fingers, because it’s very lightweight it does not have a lot of pigment.

So, if you’re going to apply this with a brush or with a sponge, the sponge will kind of absorb all the moisture and just defeats the purpose of applying the Tinted Moisturizer. Because that’s what you want! You want that moisture with it a bit of a tint. Definitely go one shade lighter for this, because it oxidizes a lot spread it well around the hairline, the ears and then down the neck. I’M only going to take this brush to make sure that everything is nicely Blended and also to take the excess off.

If there is any honestly, it looks like, I have nothing on the skin. This is the type of product, if you absolutely hate foundations, if you hate uh how it just sits on your face, try this. I promise you. It will just melt in your skin move with your skin. It looks like nothing, however, improves the way your skin looks definitely 100.

Now, let’s apply concealer. I don’t know if you saw my previous video, the one about mistakes that makes you look older. I was trying to make this concealer, because one of the mistakes that I was talking about was too much concealer and I was trying to make this concealer crease on me and it did not. I had to apply like two layers thick layers in order for this to crease – probably it’s the best concealer, at least for me, because it will just not crease, I’m I’m so incredibly impressed who the beauty fall filter. My color is nuga.

Thank you. Okay, a little bit here, there is a reason why I’m applying this color? It’S because I also wanted to brighten it’s the type of product that I would use to cover and also to brighten, because if you have very dark circles, sometimes you need to First conceal and then brighten with another product. But my dark circles are not as bad. So I can get away with using just one product and I typically like to brighten under the eyes.

This is what gives you that you know awake that fresh feeling at the end of my eye, where I don’t know, if you can see, maybe you don’t, but I I’m sometimes a little bit red and I usually take a little bit of the concealer and apply It around my nose, I, on purpose, let this sit, then I’m going to spread it with a beauty. Sponge, nice damp Beauty, sponge using a beauty blender, especially because it’s one of the best sponges to use for makeup. It’S literally mistake proof: it creates that Flawless application. So if you haven’t invested yet in a beauty, sponge definitely recommend you too. Okay, forehead looks a bit dark, so I will apply Touch of concealer to brighten my forehead [ Music ].

What a difference concealer makes right next, I’m going to use this girlactic. This is called cheeky, tint and glow. The color is La more now I have a little story to tell you about girlactic. In my bridal makeup video, I was using a product that I really really love. It’S this absolutely gorgeous creamy glittery eyeshadow that stays on all day, long that I always apply when I have to do someone’s makeup and it has to stay for many many hours.

So I featured that product in the video and then obviously a lot of you loved it and you bought it and Galactic. You know, although it’s on the market for quite a long time, they have received this bigger amount of orders than usual and they were wondering like okay, who used our product, someone must have used this product featured in a video like we would love to know. So. The owner actually emailed one of the customers and they were asking her like. Where did you?

Where did you see this product and she was kind enough and replied and said you know, there’s this makeup artist in Paris that used your product and I saw it in this video and I really loved it and you should totally like get in touch with each Other or something like that, the owner of girlactic, her name is gallet. She comes in Paris with her whole family. She contacted me and she’s like hey. You know just wanted to tell you that I’m in Paris, I know that you were using uh one of our products recently, and I wanted to connect with you and I was like yeah sure I love to meet uh brand owners and not only um, and we Met in a cafe just a random cafe, I hate to take uh people in, like famous places just makes everyone feels uncomfortable, and we went to this random cafe and we talked and literally we talked about everything: family, husbands, gossiping everything and we had such a connection And I loved her so much and then she told me how she how she got started with her company and then she was like she had this idea. It’S like how about we send an email to this person who basically connected us, and I was like yeah.

That’S perfect and we did and then we sent her a picture as well, and I was thinking sorry, my I’m losing my voice and we were thinking how amazing social media is from certain point of view where you know it connects people that you would never even Think of – and I personally have friendship with people that I never in a million years thought I would be very close friends with like Lee from Cinco that we completely randomly met over the internet and now with gallet from girlactic, and when she came she she brought A bunch of products she was so so kind, and one of them is this product. Okay, I I know I I talk a lot, but I I thought that you should know about this story, because one of you connected me with a wonderful human being – and I just wanted to thank you if you’re watching this video and thank you to all of You who are placing orders, especially to smaller brands or brands that you know maybe they’re on the market for a long time but they’re not as hyped as they used to be. I’M gon na take this color with the beauty sponge. This beauty, sponge is from refi I’ll, take the excess off. I know that it looks very intimidating this color, but it’s the nicest beautiful pop of pink high on the cheeks and then what I like to do with pink, especially pink products, is take them on the brow bone and I love that it’s creamy for a fresh Look, you definitely want to use creamy products.

Then I’m going to take this cream bronzer from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is in the color amber when I don’t have self tan. I use warm tan. It’S beautiful, very subtle, great for light or fair skin tone. Amber is more for light, medium, medium, skin tones.

It has a little bit of Olive tone to it. This Amber – and I didn’t realize this until recently, I did a comparison of all cream bronzers that I have in my kit on my stories on Instagram. You guys said that it’s just so useful. This is a brush 19 from refer. I apply this wherever the sun would typically hit the face if I were to stay in the Sun.

So it’s usually here here the nose because I’m wearing this white dress. I don’t want to apply anything in here. I don’t want to stain my dress, but if it wasn’t white I would have applied a little bit in here. I’M going to use number 18 brush from Redford to set my concealer in place with powder. This one is prism.

Libra from Givenchy number three Rose, wait, wait, wait did a crease, it didn’t, but I always like to. Can you get close with me? I absolutely love this powder. Let’S apply on the forehead because my hair is so tight. It looks very, very shiny, it’s not necessarily from the product honestly, it’s because my skin is just so tight.

I don’t know if I ever show you, but I always powder the nose, even if you know I might not show all the time I always powder my nose. I hate when it’s too greasy, I see a little yeah. This is better. It wasn’t well, Blended love. Look how it just blurs everything and then, of course, chin and here’s my trick, milk.

I use this milk, Hydro, grips it and refresh spray have to shake it spray all over the face. I take a clean part of the beauty, sponge I’ll go over it, and then I will apply another layer of powder. I know that it might look like too much trust me. It isn’t just follow these steps. This helps the base your complexion to last all day long you’re securing it, and you still have the skin like finish now, I’ll take the other side with the with a sponge, and this is a beautiful.

I don’t know if you can see it’s a very, very nice glowy pink. I get this on the highest point of the cheeks for extra glow. Oh, how gorgeous this looks you guys it’s so beautiful I’ll. Do a touch of this Anastasia wow! I’M!

I have completely finished, there’s only a tiny little bit on the end. I don’t know if you guys can see okay, I guess I really liked it. Anastasia Beverly Hills, brow freeze when you lift your eyebrows like this, the whole eye. Look at this, the whole eye looks more open. You have more space, I love this type of product and then I’m going to perfect the eyebrows.

With this brow flick. This one is from glossier and I just love the very natural feeling that my eyebrows have. After the combination between a clear brow, gel and this product and in the past, I used to First apply this and then the clear brow, gel or brow freeze. But now I definitely love to First make sure that my eyebrows are exactly in the place where I want them to be and then come with this type of product. If you’re using brow, Freeze from Anastasia, nothing will work like pencil, wise, even powder wouldn’t work as well as a brow pen this or the one from Anastasia I tend to like the glossier one more now I don’t know.

I don’t think I’ve used this palette on my channel like full look with this palette. I bought this from Gallery Lafayette. I saw it I’m like. Oh my. What is creams pretty it screams fresh.

It screams Joy, these products, these colors. Sorry, I think I need to put it more like this, because if I get too close to the light it takes away from the colors how gorgeous you know what let me Swatch them. Let me just watch them I do so. This is the mat. The only yeah it’s the only matte one in the palette and then the golden.

Oh it Glides like this is the type of eyeshadow that it feels wet and then let me take the pink. Let me put it here. I think you guys would see better. Oh Gore, just with the other side of my It Cosmetics brush I’ll, take just a pinch of concealer and apply it as a base. On my on my eyelids.

I don’t typically do this, but today I feel like these Shadows need to pop and I’ll get the only matte color in the palette, and I will get this color closer to the inner corner of my eye. Today, I’m not going to apply anything at the outer Corner, because I think that when you leave this space completely open, it opens up the eyes as well. The same product apply it on the lower lashes. Then I’m going to take this beautiful, pink God, it’s so precious! This pink, absolutely love it and apply it all over the eyelid.

This is a reference zero, two brush and it’s just the perfect brush to apply your eyeshadow on the mobile lid because you are not losing that beautiful finish with this brush referred 26 I’ll, take this color and get it very, very close to the lashes. This gives just a beautiful sort of sparkly bronzy moment and adds light to your eyes. Then I’m going to take this brown pencil. This one is from Linda hillberg hillberg and it’s called Brown core. This is the type of pencil that it will just not move.

You guys so I tied line with this. If you apply even a thin layer of product at the base of your lashes, it will take away this space. It will close your eyes. Try this trick where you apply the product on the water line. It has to be something super long, lasting volume Channel my mascara for today and having the very light mobile lid.

It emphasizes the lashes even more. I don’t know if you can see Gorge. You know me and my lip liners. I always love to apply. A lip liner today makes no exception.

This one is the perfect nude. If you’re looking for the perfect nude lip liner, that will go with everything get deep taupe from Anastasia Beverly Hills, then I like to go over with my finger just so it’s not very precise, which I know it feels so stupid like. Why would you apply a lip liner if you don’t want it to be precise? Basically, what I’m trying to achieve with lip liner is have Shadow around my lips and I apply this on the corners now, if, if sometimes you follow my steps and you’re like no, no, I got it like I’m going to skip this step, because it’s not me, But then, at the end of your makeup, you’re wondering like it doesn’t look like it does on her. Obviously, there are different reasons, but mostly is because all of these small tips that I give to most people, they don’t take in consideration, they’re thinking like yeah yeah, like that that does not work for me.

Did you try it, because what this trick does just emphasizes? Your lips so much better. You will have the most beautiful sculpted juicy natural looking lips and I’m not saying necessarily to over line, but just do this trick where you apply the lip liner at the corners, so it’s slightly darker, then I’m taking rare Beauty. I don’t know what this is. This is a lip gloss.

Is this a lip tint, but it feels like the most comfortable lip balm and don’t be don’t be fooled by the color wait until I spread it just wait until I spread it. You see when I spread it with a finger. The color is not as intense. Oh, my goodness. What is this?

Are you seeing those lips? You guys try this try the combination, this. I think it’s perfect, the lip liner. Oh, I’m so happy with how it turned out. It’S literally everything I dream of.

I don’t practice my looks so everything I do. Obviously it’s it’s right here right now. You guys I’m done. This is literally everything that I dreamed of from this look. I went to something that is Pinky feminine fresh, that just screams freshness and I know I was using a lot of products, but I needed a little glammed up today.

I fresh like a daisy but in reality I’m not fresh at all, because my voice is failing me. I have not slept in six months, but especially the last week has been really really hard. My baby wakes up about three times a night, and sometimes he would just not go back to bed he’s like I’m up. Let’S play, I hope you enjoyed this. It was a pleasure as usually to do my makeup with you.

Maybe you know what I’m thinking. This is just an idea, I’m thinking that we should meet on Zoom. I should do like a get ready with me or something on Zoom, where I can actually do my makeup live with you and you do your makeup with me. At the same time, we’re we’re gon na figure something out. I definitely want to do something where I would meet you in one way or another uh, where you would tell me your challenges with makeup live um, but in a more intimate environment, I’ll think of something and let you know but uh yeah.

Today’S look is ready. This is from Cinco, I think it’s called eleonor, but I’m not sure anyway. You will find it in the description box for sure my dress is weekend Max tomorrow, I’ll put uh, maybe a picture in here. I don’t think it’s available, because I have posted a link on my stories and you guys are like yeah there’s a lot of you, so you sold out. Thank you.

So much for watching make sure you give this video a thumbs up subscribe if you’re not subscribed to my YouTube channel. Follow me on Instagram. Follow me on Tick Tock, some dick talker. Now I have almost 60 000 people on tick tock. How crazy is that, thanks for watching see you in my next one bye,

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