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7 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Hair | Jonathan Van Ness

Do not, i repeat, do not keep your extensions in for too long hi. Everyone welcome back to our youtube channel. I’M jonathan van ness, i’m a host, i’m an author, i’m a podcaster! If you haven’t been here before, i’m also a hairdresser been a hairdresser for, like 15 years, maybe saw me on queer eye. Maybe you saw me on getting curious jonathan van ness on netflix, but i was happy you’re here and today we are going to talk about how to bring out the best the most in your natural texture, whether you are from a 1a to a 4c.

Here are seven ways you can make sure to take better care of your hair. Here’S one thing: that’s really important! No matter what type of hair you have, you have to have a wide tooth comb or a wet brush in your shower to distribute conditioner throughout the hair. If you just get in the shower and you wash and condition your hair – and you just like use your fingers to kind of put it all over you’re not going to get the conditioner on every single strand of hair, the way to ensure distributing conditioner all throughout The hair, thus ensuring that you’re going to get all the benefits of all those great ingredients in your conditioner fingers crossed, but not fingers crossed if you’re using jbn, because those ingredients are gorgeous you’re. Just going to take that wide tooth comb in the shower and you’re.

Going to distribute or you’re just going to move that conditioner all around by making sure that there’s no tangles in the shower you’re, going to make your styling less tangly, less laborious and less of a nightmare when you get out of the shower. So you always want to make sure you’re distributing the conditioner throughout your hair in the shower, with a wide tooth comb or a wet brush. Another thing that will not bring out the most in anyone’s texture is over washing. You want to aim to wash your hair about two to four times a week unless you are someone who is like a healthcare worker, maybe you’re at a gym. If you’re like laying your head on stuff, that’s like physically, like yucky or like when i go to gymnastics.

If i like tumble into that, like pit with all the phone blocks and all those other people have like jumped in the phone blocks and all those feet and stuff, i’m washing my hair, if you haven’t really left your house or haven’t really gone anywhere, it’s okay And actually sweat for your hair is really good. Just blow dry, the sweat into your hair. Your hair actually loves it, plus the sebum that your sebaceous oil glands, makes in your scalp. Your hair loves that sebum. It’S like a mother, nature’s conditioner, so two to four times a week, two to three times a week.

That’S good! If you have to wash more make sure make sure make sure you’re using a quality, shampoo and conditioner if you’re, using something, that’s laden full of sulfates or laden full of silicones, which is really like where so much unhappy hair texture comes from. It comes from using really sulfate sulfates and then a lot of silicones, the sulfates dry, your hair out, then the silicones kind of coat that to make it feel smooth and soft, but it actually doesn’t last long and it ends up getting frizzy and your ends. Look not happy and everything: silk pillowcases, so important and sleeping with your hair up because of the way that the hair grows. This is a newborn baby and then it’s a kid and it’s a teenager and then it’s an adult and then this is geriatric.

This is me sleeping every night, with my hair down, there’s a pillow there’s my body and you’re, just like [, Music, ] you’re, literally just rubbing your hair, all between your shoulders and the pillowcase for eight hours, a night on your 98.6 degree, personalized flat iron you’re. Just going like this 98.6 degrees all night every night, that’s a third of your life that this hair, which is really similar to fabric, is just getting rubbed to death. No, so when we sleep no matter what your hair is like we’re going to gather it on top of our head, do a very loose loose loose loose loose top knot, do not like slick it back tight because that can create breakage around your hairline.

I like to use a silk scrunchie if you’re someone who has like a three or four any family of texture, repair, you’re, probably going to be using like a silk wrap or potentially silk bonnet to cover up your hair. While you sleep gorgeous, but we just want to keep the ends away from our body heat so taking care of your hair at night, that’s going to bring the best out of your hair. Here’S a really big one, hair color does not really like to be lifted. More than like two or three shades more than its natural color, especially up on your scalp, if you get really really light highlights – and they start way up here on your newborn baby hair every time you go back to get your highlights, redone, that hair is going To be more prone to breakage, it’s going to be more prone to over over processing. That’S a really important thing like trying to stay like two shades within like your natural color and figuring out the color that works for you and kind of like staying.

There just know that the more you try to change your natural hair color because of the way the hair grows. It’S just going to change your texture, no matter what your hair texture, the textures, are going to be different. The highlighted hair is going to hang one way the non-highlighted hair is going to hang another way like this is like five years of hair like this length. This is like probably been on my head since, like queer, i started you know, because your hair only grows like a quarter of an inch like a half an inch a month. That’S like you know this much of your thumb like if i did an all-over color on my hair right now and then wanted to grow my virgin color back out.

That would take me like five years. I would be 40

Honey, that’s a lot of commitment so when, if you have hair that, like touches your shoulders or below and you’re really thinking about going way, lighter or way, darker think about that. Another myth that is so in the way of bringing out your hair’s best texture is that you should have a certain length of hair because you’re a certain age. There was this like old school of thought that, like older, women should have shorter hair and then like younger girls, should have like really long, untouched, hair and really sometimes shorter is easier. It’S springier like for a little girl, like you, have to get all the tangles and it’s like fun to like experiment and play, and then just because you get older does not mean you have to chop all your hair off as our hair tends to become more Silver or gray, as we age it can tend to it, can get a little bit more thick or more coarse.

And if you cut off coarse hair short, it’s going to be puffy, but if you let it have a little bit more weight, let it be a little bit longer it’s going to like swing and like lay and like be nicer. So, just because you get to a certain age does not mean that you have to cut your hair. It’S a really good way to find your texture. Another way that we really have to bring out the best in our texture is by practicing safe heat protection. If you are just like blow drying your hair with a blow dryer, if you’re taking a flat iron to your hair or a curling iron to your hair – and you don’t put heat protection on before you do it, it is no go.

It is not good. Your hair is very similar to fabric, so, if you were to iron, this shirt on a 400 degree iron every day, every single day, sometimes twice a day, this would be like a destroyed mess. In like a few months, you don’t get to put a whole new hair on your head, especially if it’s long so, if you were to like only put heat protection on half your hair and not the other after six months, you would see a dramatic difference. The money that you spend on a heat protection will save you money on haircuts, because your haircuts will last longer. The shape will be nicer and your hair will actually like do what you want it to for a longer period of time, because your ends aren’t going to be getting over processed.

I am in love with our instant recovery serum it’s in the little glass jar. It was right here uh and you just put it all over your hair. When it’s wet, you distribute it with a wide tooth comb. Then you can blow dry it. If you don’t blow dry it, you can just let it air dry, then you can curl it with a curling iron or flat iron it or whatever.

You want and you’re still going to experience that great heat protection. That’S never greasy. It does not weigh your hair down, it’s just literally amazing, if i do say so myself do not, i repeat, do not keep your extensions in for too long. Clip-In extensions were not we’re, not joe, i’m sorry, but this is serious. They were not meant to be slept in they’re, not meant to be slept in okay.

You cannot sleep in your clip and accept i mean you can if you want to rip your hair out everywhere, where it’s attached to it’s too much heat, especially with the extensions between the back of your head and the pillow. It gets warm back there. It’S not good for your natural hair. Another thing: that’s awful for your natural hair. If you have like a full weave, if your entire scalp is braided down and you have a partial on there or an enclosement, if you have any sort of weave situation – and you keep that on for too long, that is not good.

It is too much weight attached to our scalp, we’re going to experience. Breakage, we’re going to experience like protective styles are protective, but in like moderation, you can’t like keep it in for too too long, and i feel like hairdressers are going to come for me for this, but i’m going to say it. Sometimes i feel like hairdressers are like oh yeah. It totally lasts like three or four months, because they don’t want to overwhelm the person getting the extensions, but really in reality, because your hair grows like a quarter to a half an inch a month. All that weight and pressure like growing down a half an inch is not good on your scalp.

It’S not healthy for it. So really you should never be going more than like three or four weeks in my opinion, because it’s too much traveling hair. It’S too much pressure on it, so just don’t over stay your welcome with extensions or with clip-ins. I said it and i believe it another best practice to bring out the best in your natural hair. Texture, no matter who you are is develop a good relationship with a hair stylist that you trust.

If you are throwing box color on your hair, then going to a hairstylist and wondering why the highlights didn’t look right. So then you fire that color. So you go to the other colors, because that one was too expensive and they didn’t get your hair right. So you go to this other one. It’S too many cooks in the kitchen.

You have to find a hairstylist who you like, look at their instagram. Do some research make sure that what the hair that they do is like the hair that you want? Have a consultation talk about what you’re looking for talk about, how much maintenance you want to have talk about how much money you want to spend talk about? How often you want to see their face, because if you do something, that’s too high maintenance, it might be too expensive, you’re going to see them all the time you have time for that you’re busy. I don’t know your life and neither does a hairdresser.

So you got to tell them, develop a good relationship with the hairstylist, you trust and they will help your hair be the best it could ever be and try to not play kitchen beautician, and i get it when we see these hair color commercials they’re, like half Submerged in a lake with this gorgeous blow dry, i want to go to the store and get some box color too, but don’t do it. It takes so long to grow out and if, by some miracle it looks good when you very first do it. You will be dealing with that change for years. Four years, when you have roots you, don’t just go, get that box color and put it all over. Your hair and think it turns the same.

Why? Because dye load, you can’t overlap it. You got to like only get it on your roots, there’s a whole thing. Medium brown is going to be black in, like five applications, if you just put it all over your hair willy-nilly, there’s levels to this literally there’s like a level one, a level, two, a level three, a level four there’s levels to it. This is science.

We don’t go, get yelled at in hair school because we wanted to were we obsessed with those seven ways to bring out that yay? Why are you guys sitting down standing ovation? Oh keep going where’s my phone. I want to get you guys clapping to insert it in the shot i’ll. Do it horizontally.

Yes, [ Applause, ], yes, natural texture, there’s joe that’s what i’m always talking about, go youtube, there’s jeremy, say hi to him in the street: yay [ Applause ]! Thank you. So much for coming to my ted talk. That was the seven ways to bring out the best texture out of your natural hair. Is there more ways absolutely?

But it is not your youtube channel, don’t forget to like and subscribe and comment below and go to the description you

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