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30-Minute No-Equipment Full-Body Toning Workout

Hey it’s nicole steen, today’s a full body workout to tone every muscle. Let’S get ready to work all right, you guys ready to my full body. Workout you ready to get started. Let’S go ahead and stretch deep, inhale, exhale yeah, stretching it out we’re gon na warm up this entire body, we’re gon na tone it all up today, all right! Take it down and up right here, yes, side to side, feel that stretch give me a little half roll all the way to your right other direction: [, Music, ]!

Yes, you guys now open up those arms. Give you a nice clea, squat good, so we’re gon na work, the whole body, the arms, the abs, the glutes, the legs everything’s getting strong today, toning, it all up. We have christelle over here, hey and then we have casey for modifications. Okay, all right give me two more squeeze on the up and one bring those feet to a mid stance and one take it side to side right there. Yes, mid stance, squat shooting those hips back keeping your core engaged warming up the legs.

Yes, two and one now hold it here down and lift the knee down. Lift yes, stretching it out warming, it up. Four more three: two now we’re turning these into hip openers, yes, stretching out the hip flexor groin area, getting it loosened up three two and one: let’s go ahead, loosen up our torso, rotate it out. [, Music, ], yes, stretch it right here in four three: two big arm circles get into those shoulders taking it back. Give me four three: two now lunges side to side, hands on the floor, lateral lunge over to the right press it up and down.

So our right, your left right here, three two hold it up: nose to your knee hamstring stretch back to center lunge it side to side hold it over to the side here, push it up and down when you’re lunging make sure your knee does not pass that Toe give me four more three: two and one hold it up. Hamstring stretch, nose to the knee, walk it back to center. Give me a little bounce right here. Slowly, roll it up stretch out your back twist it over other side, [ Music, ], good roll! It up all right, i think we’re ready right yep, you feel nice and more, you feel stretch here.

We go so we’re going gon na start with a lateral lunge to a front kick so, let’s lunge it over to the left and give me a front kick right there, so on a lateral, lunge we’re getting into our abductor area as well as our glutes. This whole side right here is working we’re pushing forward on that kick to get into the hamstrings on that push yes make sure you’re breathing into it. You got it four more for modifications watch casey on that you can just step it in and still get that work last one good job shake it out. Let’S get into the other side. Here we go sit it back, kick it yes, [ Music, ], good step.

Nice and long think about stepping as long as your leg is you don’t want to undercut it because you really want to get into that glute muscle that push-off is going to activate the bootay. We like that right. Ladies, oh, we love that four, more. Yes, three [ Music, ], two and one good shake it out here, more lunging for you, let’s open those legs out nice and wide toes facing out the diagonal hands, go behind your head rotating lunge, so you’re going to rotate to your left, go down and come Back up and squeeze if the rotation is too much for you, you could just stay like casey and not do the rotation good, so we’re getting nice and low on that lunge knee to the floor, yes working it out, squeezing your glutes every time you come up Working the legs working, the buns working the body and by having our hands up behind her head, you have to keep that core intact and your arms are getting a little bit of work too good. Keep it moving and let’s hold it here to the side pulse.

It for 15 seconds get low, yes burn it out. We love it. We love it. Four three two and one shake shake shake it. Let’S turn it to the other side, ready, let’s go rotate and squeeze so always focus on getting your legs parallel.

You want your legs and your knees your feet to face the same direction. Yes right there, eight more. Let’S get it eight squeeze seven six abs, tight, elbows up chest up good two, more hold it down pulse it right here, pulsing, yes, get a little lower! Eight! Seven six five, four three two and release shake it out.

I have a little cardio burst for you yeah. I love a burpee, so let’s get into it little one minute, burpee section! Take it up, shoot it out and back up you can go at whatever speed. You want it’s up to you, you can walk it out if needed and push up whatever works for you, but this is your cardio burst, getting your arms getting your chest. Abs legs, a burpee of the full body workout, and that’s what we’re doing here today.

Keep it moving now, if you’re feeling spicy, you want to add a little more flavor, you can give me a tuck jump right, kristel yeah, you got it. I love tug jumps. I love jumping period so much but come on two more last one good job. You guys heart rate’s up all the way up right, don’t worry! We’Re gon na bring it back down.

Let’S get into some grand plie movements right here, arms out, bend those knees, we’re gon na pulse it. Yes, nice and low tuck. Those hips now we’re in a wide stance, wide stance. You activate the inner thighs as well as the glutes. Let’S lift your left heel up pulse it.

Yes, keep pulsing, eight, seven, six, five, four three two other side really push into the toe it activates, the glute. Just a little bit more six, five four three both heels up now: pulsing, if you’re, finding trouble balancing put those heels back down. Eight seven, six, five, four three two now hold it here, push it back getting into the back of those glutes push push and your arms are working as they push back for eight seven, six, five, four, three two and one down and up so down squeeze still Working the legs still working the glutes now we’re getting our arms a little bit more involved and our cows. Yes, you guys at any time. If you want to add more to this full body workout, you can grab a pair of weights.

That’S fine do what is going to work for you and your body challenge yourself. Give me four more three, but we are definitely filling it without any type of weights for sure full body workouts using your own body weight. That’S all you need last one great job. Shake it out, let’s get more into these legs into these glutes curtsy lunge, to a front kick right here, so you’re gon na take the left knee back to a curtsia diagonal and then kick right there. Yes, down, kick nice and slow, nice and controlled if you’re having balances here, do you want to go a little lighter?

You could just tap yes, really burning out the glute muscle and then, when you do your roundhouse kick huh. You are turning your knee forward. Yes, so you’re getting into the top of your hip right there, four more three, two last one hold it back and pulse it right here, 15 seconds burn it out, get a little lower yeah. How low can you go? That’S right, eight, seven, six, five!

Four! Three! Two and release: oh right: there fired up funds of steam baby. All right. Let’S get to the other side.

Here we go remember knee, goes behind the front heel. Then kick yes front. Heel kick exhale on the exertion two. Yes, there you go good. Can you give me just seven more right here: push through get up there get low, yes, come on three two one hold it back and pulse low, yes, 15 seconds: let’s get it right here, lower six, five, four, three, two and one all right.

We were in the curtsies now we’re stepping back giving me in ballet. We call this balance, say we’re gon na. Take it up, you can stay here and jump. We’Re gon na skate, skate. Cardio bursts again.

I love my cardio birth come on one full minute here. You could stay up to make it a little easier. You could just tap or you can jump like you’re jumping over a puddle. Don’T want to get your louboutins wet. Let’S get it come on.

Let’S go skate. It skate it out. Reach for the floor. Keep your abs engaged, so nothing is hurting your back. Keep those knees bent keep moving, keep burning for 10

Nine, yes, eight, seven, six, five give me four three two and one, oh so fun so fun all right!

We’Re going to work our obliques and our thighs arms as well bend your right leg, left, arm up, lift and lower, lift and lower. So you’re lifting with your oblique muscle here, yes lift, lift there. You go six five. Four three two now hold and pulse hold ten nine, eight, seven, six, five get it four three two hold and release all this side should have felt that burn right yeah. It did okay good.

I hope you felt at home too. Let’S try the other side. Let’S go, lift turn that knee forward. You have to think about the muscle that you want to work so many times. People say i feel it in the leg i’m standing on.

I’M not filling in the one, that’s moving, but you have to center your body. So the muscles you want to work activate you got to fire them up. Four more three: two find that balance and pulse ten: nine, eight, seven, six, five, four three two hold and release last little cardio drive right here. Squat jumps mid stance this time, because we want to shoot our hips back. You’Re gon na touch the floor, jump it up come on.

I just need 30 seconds you with me girls. Yes, let’s get it full body. Abs are pulled in glutes pushed back reaching for the sky sky’s the limit. We got this heart rate up breathe. I need eight seven, six, five, four, three, two and one all right.

We are gon na grab our mats. Take it to the floor. Let’S start with some push-ups see what doesn’t love a push-up. I’M not sure i really don’t i’m not gon na lie. I don’t care for them, but i know if i don’t like it, that means i should do it so we’re doing push-ups in the downward dog toe taps.

You’Re gon na have your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Take it down, take your hand to your right foot and tap yes down and tap. So if this is too hard for, you can always go on your knees, and then you see casey she’s, not giving a tap she’s pushing up to a downward dog. Yes, we’re just gon na get it all the way up here. Get that chest to the floor, push your hips up and that downward dog, so you’re getting a nice abdominal workout on that cards.

Can you give me 10 more? I suppose i suppose just absolutely. Okay, absolutely, and if you can’t reach your toes, you can reach for your ankles. Yes, six more five exhale on the up four three, two last one: oh you did it, you did it get a little stretch, push-ups our best friend, right depression, though not really. We love to hate them all right, we’re going to go into some superman’s working, our lower back, so look down to the floor, squeeze and lift your legs and your arms and release take it up and down so a lot of times.

People have back pain and it’s because they’re not working on their back. Your back needs to be worked on just as much as your front, i always say whatever you do in the front, you got to do in the back right. Whatever you do for your abs, you have to do for your lower back. So that’s what we’re doing right here, eight more eight, seven, six and squeeze those legs squeeze the glutes squeeze the back four three two! Now i want you to hold up this last one.

Let’S take a swim, imagine you’re in the ocean of hawaii swimming with the sharks. Yeah! Let’S go, you got ta swim. A little faster, then go a little faster, eight seven, six, five four three two hold and release great work, push it back. Yes, child’s pose for a little baby stretch, flip it over get more into these arms.

Some tricep dips, you’re gon na have your hands facing forward, bend your knees and we’re going to just push up and down up and down. So you really want to push all the way up high enough to feel a little burn in the back of those arms. Yes, if you have wrist issues, you can go a little lighter like what casey’s doing yes. Give me two more we’re. Gon na.

Add a challenge: lift your left leg; yes, take it up eight and down seven six, five, four, three: two and let’s switch here. We go! Take it down up eight seven, six think about pushing away from the floor. Give me four more three: two and one both feet down last eight right here, eight seven, six, five get into those arms four, they should be burning. Are they?

Ladies? Yes, two three and one you did it. Oh yeah shake that out. Let’S lie down on our back we’re gon na work. These glutes all right bring those knees in push up for some glute bridges right here up and down eight seven six, so the key for this move is to squeeze on the up.

I like to imagine that my butt is rock hard every time i come up yes, three two. This also helps to tighten your lower back as well. Now, let’s lift our left leg to the ceiling right here, take it up and down. If your leg gets tired, like casey, you could put it on your knee or to modify it four more three: two, let’s hold it up, there pulse it pulse it. Ten!

Nine eight seven six, five, four three two hold and release other leg: let’s go down and up seven six. Now, if you ever want to challenge for this glute bridge, you can always come up on your heel or your toe or even put a weight in your lap. Yes, let’s hold it up, pulse it. Ten, nine eight seven six, five, four three two hold and release back to singles: eight seven, six, five, four getting that whole posterior chain right now hold it up open, open, really push into your shoulders. So you can get a little higher four three two now squeeze those knees in squeeze squeeze make your knees touch getting a little inner thigh action here too, come on.

Give me four three two now hold those knees together, eight seven push up higher six five. Four three: two and release – i told you full body, full body, uh, bring those knees in get a little shaky shake and, let’s flip it over to our side. So we’re gon na lie down to our side, working our obliques hands behind your head, you’re. Looking at the ceiling you’re looking at your right hip and take it up and down up and down, so your legs are, in a 90 degree angle think about your ribs coming down to your hip bone. That’S how you want your ab workout to go right now.

Four more three: two now hold it up and pulse for eight seven, six, five, four: three extend your right arm out to your feet: eight: seven, six, five, four three two come up on your left forearm and bring it in in six five. Four three now bring it in and out make your elbows and knees touch push up away from the floor, working that right, oblique muscle, four, more think of your body like an accordion coming in and out now. Can you give me the ups side? The ups right here keep those legs together: six, if it’s too challenging stay with the bent knee four or you could do one leg like casey, two and one. Yes, you guys, let’s get into that other side, turn those knees down.

Here we go. Look at your hip, take it up and down so when you’re doing abs, you want to look straight up. Don’T let the chin come down to the chest, make sure you’re not forcing your head with your hands. Give me two more hold it up and pulse it right here. Eight seven, six, five, four three two extend that left arm for eight seven, six, five, four three come up to your right: forearm left knee left elbow for six five, four three bring it in and out like this in and out in and out yes working that Core working those abs, three, two side b up right here, reach and lean back there you go yes, four more three, two and one you did it good job, a little stretch right there way to work.

You guys, all right. We are going to take it to a side plank so take it to your left elbow, and i want you to come up right here. We’Re going to do side, plank dips, take it down and up so you’re, really getting into that oblique muscle. As you push up higher, if you need to go a little easier put your knee on the floor, three two hold it up: lift that top leg and hold for eight seven, six, five, four three two and release good other side. Let’S get into it press it up right here, yes and dip down and up right there, keeping those legs straight; six, five, four: three: two and one hold it top leg: eight, seven, six, five, four: three two and release good job; we’re going to take it to Our back we’re gon na do some b ups.

I just added that in so all the way just side now we’re gon na go straight. So if you want to go a little easier, you could do one at a time me and christelle we’re going to do 10 single both legs up ready, go all the way up. 10. 9. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three two and one good job.

Little extra special thing for you right there all right: let’s take it to a plank. You guys we’re coming to the end. We got ta finish strong, so go on a forearm, plank elbows and toes we’re gon na go ahead. Take it front and back like that forward and back yes right there, eight seven, six, five give me four three two one hold it here, give me some knee taps knee taps. Yes, give me eight seven, six, five, four three two now i want you to give me toe tap side to side like this side side still getting those abs burning.

I know we’re up here for a while push away from the floor for eight seven, six. Five, almost there four three two and one can we just hold this plank for ten nine, eight, seven squeeze everything, five, four, three two and one: oh yes, did you get a nice full body, workout y’all. I think we got every muscle right toned it all up. Let’S push up to a cobra, oh stretch out, feels abs. You just worked.

Take it back to a child’s pose great work. Yes, let’s take it up all fours, bring it up and out up and out one more good. Let’S bring those feet together, slowly roll it up, yes, get that full body stretching deep inhale. Exhale, you tilt it over to your left, stretching off the side, great work, take it flat and down nose to the knee go ahead and take it down to a lunge and put that knee that back knee on the floor. I want you to stretch out the hip flexors yeah, that’s so good right!

Oh yes, release! Take it down, nose to the knee and all the way up to the other side, reaching to the opposite side of the room flat back. Take it down good and down to lunge. Take that knee to the floor, arms up push into it. [ Music, ], quads, hip flexor, get that stretch so necessary, bring it down press up, walk it to the center pull through those legs hands on the floor, bend the knees and sway it side to side, slowly, roll it up and go ahead.

Give me a little stretch to the side right here. Other side roll it all the way up, give you a deep inhale, exhale way to go. Ladies, you just completed full body. Workout

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