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20 min Fat Burning Workout for TOTAL BEGINNERS (Achievable, No Equipment)

Hey guys welcome back today we are going to do a 20 minute beginner full body workout. This workout does not include any jumping. You don’t need any equipment, just make sure that you can see your screen, so you can follow along with me and without further Ado. Let’S get to it all right guys we’re going to start off with a little bit of a warm-up sequence. So, first up you’re just going to do some marching and you’re going to tap your knees, so we’re focusing on keeping the core tight, bringing the knees up to meet the hands staying light on those toes.

Next up we’re going to warm up those hamstrings and we’re going to kick our bums so stepping across and just kicking the bum again staying light on those toes keep that core engaged: next up, you’re going to reach from side to side so stepping Out and out reach that arm up and over arms are nice and strong. So, just like a jumping jack except you’re, stepping out and in out in again stay light on those toes upper body is strong. Shoulder blades are down the back, all right we’re going to take a 15. Second rest. I want you to keep this an active rest, so keep moving just some light, marching we’re gon na do these with two exercises at a time.

So your first exercise is some regular squats we’re gon na. Do these 45 seconds on 15 seconds off then we’ll switch to our second exercise. So take these nice and slow all the way down. Keep that core tight come on guys, 20 more seconds. You can do it slow it down if you need to foreign taking a 15 second active rest marching in place.

Your second exercise is a standing elbow to knee so fingertips by the ears you’re, bringing the knee to meet the elbow in the center. Every time here we go, you do not need to go as fast as me. Just try to keep moving come on guys, keep pushing 10 more seconds: good, active rest. We’Re going to repeat those two exercises again, so we’re gon na do our squats and our standing elbow to knees before we move on to our next set of exercises: Here we go squats.

Let’S go again, you don’t have to go as fast as me. You can take a breather at the top. Take a deep breath before you do another one,, try not to drop your chest. Keep it lifted sit into those heels five more seconds: I’m thinking about it got ta March it out.

You’Re going to reach toward the ceiling. Come down touch the floor up and down. Second exercise: we’re gon na do some tight arm circles. Here we go reaching up and down, as you come up on those tippy toes make sure your upper body is strong, you’re stretching those legs and squeezing those inner thighs together, If you feel like you, can no longer continue doing any of these exercises.

I want you to just go right into your active rest exercises, which is the marching up and down, good March. It out next up is tight arm circles for our first round, we’re going to circle backward and then our second set will go forward. here we go. Arms are straight out from your shoulders. You have a slight Bend in your elbows Palms are facing the floor.

Core is tight. now is a great time to try and slow down your breathing breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth 20 more seconds: good March. It out repeating those two exercises again starting off with our rise and touching the floor: Here we go up and down think about your core as you’re coming down squeeze those abs, five more seconds, go ahead March, it out between our arm circles. Next, we’re going to circle forwards this time!

Here we go nice and tight , keep the shoulder blades down the back. Your chest is open: foreign more seconds. You can do it nice and tight good our next set is on the ground, so we won’t be doing any active rest periods in between these I mean you’re, more than welcome to stand up in March for 15 seconds if you’d like, but our exercises are glute Bridges, so feet are flat on The floor here Rising the hips all the way up to the ceiling and lowering just tap that booty to the floor before you send it right back up the weight should be in your heels. You can lift the toes up off the floor to help ensure that you’re using those glutes.

Thank you taking a 15 second rest. Our second exercise is going to be just some regular crunches, so fingertips right by the ears you’re not pulling on your neck. Here, your gaze is looking upward you’re going to press that lower back into the floor as you come up and lower. You can take these nice and slow, nothing.

Take a 15 second breather. We’Re going to repeat that again, starting off with our glute Bridges, [ Music ] make sure the weight is in your heels and press those hips as high as they can go and don’t spend too much time at the bottom. Just tap that booty to the floor before you send it right back up, and I close my eyes: foreign work. 15. Second rest: we’re going to do 45 seconds of crunches, make sure you’re really focusing on pressing your lower back into the floor as you come up for this crunch that way, you’re activating your lower abs.

Here we go You showed me every heart, don’t pull on your neck! Keep your neck nice and long just focus on Contracting those abdominals pressing that lower back into the floor good work, standing up back to that active rest, we’re going to try and get our heart rates back up for the end of this workout. Your next exercise is what I like to call up and overs, because we are going up and over you’re, going to tap the floor coming up and over.

If touching the floor is too much for you, you can come up down to the knee to the knee, like so right back to that active rest, your next exercise is another arm focused exercise, you’re gon na be bringing the Arms in front and out, you could do this while you’re marching, if you would like or feet, are nice and wide out and open. Think, like you, have something in between your forearms that you are resisting against squeeze the chest, squeeze the back as long as you can show me a good time: Oh, oh, a few more seconds, good March. It out gon na repeat those two exercises. Once again here we go up and overs ized reach those arms all the way up in between think about your core.

As you come down, good March it out last exercise – is our arms. Here we go front and side squeeze and showed me a good time. Come on guys, keep those arms up. Don’T let them drop ten, more seconds, good March it out now for the ending of this workout. We’Re going to repeat that beginning section of 30.

Second exercises we’re gon na try and get that heart rate up as much as we can before we end so we’re going to start off with those big marches, you’re tapping the knees, don’t forget about your core stay light on those toes good. Next up we’re gon na kick our bottoms this time, arms come up, but there’s no one else come on guys, keep pushing we’re almost there keep those arms nice and strong we’re reaching side to side out out out reach that arm up and over keep it nice And strong squeeze that back as you bring the arm down all right guys last 30 seconds, you can do it we’re gon na do some step jacks out and in light on the toes arms are strong, [, Music, ], try and pick up the pace. Last few seconds here: How does it guys great job? I hope you enjoyed this 20 minute full body, beginner style, workout beginners.

Let me know how you did in the comments down below and if you’d like, to see more beginner workouts from me, if you’re new here, make sure that you hit that subscribe button turn on your post notifications. So you don’t miss another video from me and I will see you guys very soon: bye, Oh when I get you back.

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